S4Optik Wide-Field Non-Mydriatic Retinal Imaging

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S4Optik Wide-Field Non-Mydriatic Retinal Imaging

  • Innovative retinal imaging

Cobra's innovative optical system 15% wider retinal images than standard cameras. Clear and detailed view of the entire ocular fundus contributes valuable insights to your ocular examination. Images are acquired with minimal flasj exposure providing comfort to the patient and facilitating multiple image acquisitions through undilated pupils.

  • High-resolution

Cobra's high resolution CCD sensor is used for both patient aligment and for retinal image acquisition. High resolution infrared iamges are acquired simultaneosly with the colour retinal image. retinal analysis is facilitated by S4OPTIK's powerfull phoenix imaging platform allowing for:

  • Imaging and archived features
  • Advanced image processing functions
  • Drawing and measurement tools
  • Mosaic function
  • Meibomiam glands dysfunction (MGD) analysis color
  • Channel separation
  • DICOM compatibility
  • Color channel separation

The color image is shown with the infrared image as well as 4 channels thathave been insolated for enganced diagnostics. The channels include: Red-Free, Choroidal, Vasculature, and Nerve Fibre

  • Measurement functions

The Cobra has advanced measurement functions allowing documentation of structures and monitoring changes over time.

  • Mosiac function

Thanks to MOSAIC function, images from multiple retinal zones are easily combined showing a detailed overview of the retina structures.

  • MGD Analysis Tool

COBRA includes and advanced Meibomiam Glands Disfunction (MGD) analysis. This tool provides an evaluation of the glands and a quantification of the current condition.

  • Specs


  • PC Desktop

Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.00 GHz -2 GB RAM Firewire 1394A board OHCI 1.1 compatible video board 512 MB RAM (not shared) resolution 1280x1024 pixels.

  • Software

Operating systems Windows 7 Home and Pro - 32 bit and 64 bit.






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Warranty One Year