Kanghua Visual Field Analyzer Model APS-T00

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Visual Field Analyzer Model APS-T00

1. International standards

2. Original intelligent testing strategies(IDT): 3 minutes to complete a 24-2 threshold Test

3. Comprehensive and versatile single analysis and reporting reliability

4. Perimeter index: Average deviation,graphics deviation,GHT half glaucoma vision analysis,Vision Index(VFI)

5. Dedicated projection perimeter software: Powerful data file management, which can be easily retrieved

6. Standard Dicom 3.0 interface can access the hospital HIS system, PACS system

Full Blue/Yellow Testing feature

*Appearance: Integrated Type

*Stimulating way: Optical projection

*Projection surface: Aspheric projection arc

*Detection method: Static perimetry, DYnamic perimetry

*Detection scope: 0-90 Degree

*Brightness Level: 0-51db

*Testing Distance: 300nm

*Visual Target Color: Red, Blue, White

*Visual Target Brightness: 0asb-10000asb

*Background Ligth: White(31.5asb). Yellow(315asb)

*Vision Trget Interval time, keeping time: Patients adaptive, standard, slow, custom

*Pupil size Measurement: Auto

*Head Movment way: AEC eye position monitoring and automatic correction system

*Brightness Measurement: Brightness Auto Measurement and correction

*Visual target size:  I Grade, II Grade, III Grade, IV Grade, V Grade 

(Goldmann Standard)

*Detection Strategy:
Full-threshold, Fast threshold, custom, two notation, three notation, 
Quantify detects, Intelligent dynamic, fast intelligent dynamic

*Threshold policy:  Age-related, threshold-related, single strength
*Static Perimetry Threshold test Mode: 
Center10-2, Center 24-2, Center 30-2
Center 60-4, Nasal step, Macula
*Screeningspecial test mode 
Center 40,center 64,center 76,center 80,centerarmaly,peripheral 60,Nasal

step family Full Filed, Full Filed 81, Full Filed 120, Full Filed 35, Full filed 246,

supper 36,upper 64, Easterman monocular, Easter man binocular

*Dynamic Perimetry Dynamic Program:
Manual procedures, standard procedures (Standard 45, Standard 30,a high resolution 15)
Static point map, Dark spot map, Blind spot map, custom can, custom dynamic program)

*Stimulation parameters:  Adjustable(Speed 1-9/s,visual target size, color, intensity, test ranges, etc)

*Fixation monitoring: 
Dynamic real-time video monitoring, physiological blind spot monitoring, 

Eye tracking curve, Eye position offset alarm

Analysis Software:

Reliability analysis, single vision analysis, triple report analysis,

overview vision analysis, GHT glaucoma semi vision analysis, GPA glaucoma developing analysis

Report Figure: Value map, grayscale map, the overall bias decibel chart,

the overall deviation probability map, chart pattern deviation decibels,

 pattern deviation probability plot, starting Figure.










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