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Represents the industry's most innovative, user friendly and price competitive Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty System. Available as an integrated single modality SLT or a dual SLT / YAG Laser System.

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LIGHTLas SLT Deux Laser is used to treat Glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness in developed nations and the second leading cause worldwide.

The product offers a dual treatment modality combining the YAG Laser for Capsulotomy and Iridotomy procedure, and Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) as a gentle, simple and safe, yet highly effective option to reduce the Intra-Ocular Pressure by stimulating body’s natural regeneration mechanisms.

The LightMed’s SLT Deux offers a mixture of highly innovative proprietary technologies, presented in an ergonomic slit lamp-integrated design, permitting fast and efficient use, assuring optimum clinical outcomes and unmatched value.



Superior design crystal Q switch laser engine, along with advanced thermal KTP system management, assure optimum precision performance and matchless product durability in a highly sophisticated yet simple to use package.

Available in multiple configurations either as sole (SLT), duo (SLT/YAG) and trio (SLT/YAG + Photocoagulator) system with many table options the LIGHTLas Deux can be used in physician’s office environment for unmatched versatility at unbeatable price.



LASER TYPE Q - Switched Nd: YAG Q - Switched, Frequency Doubled Nd: YAG
ENERGY RANGE 0.2 to ≤ 15mJ (single pulse) 
10 to ≤ 25mJ (double pulse) 
20 to ≤ 45mJ (triple pulse)
0.2-2.6 mJ 
Continuously Variable
BURST MODE 1,2, and 3 pulses per shot 
Single Pulse
Diffraction Limited
Frequency - Doubled Diffraction limited
(≤ 1.5mJ In Liquid Solution)
SPOT SIZE 8 μm 400 μm
CONE ANGLE 16° Degrees < 3° Degrees
Continuously Variable

AIMING BEAM Dual Beam Laser Diode
Continuously variable
Red 635 nm
Single Beam Laser Diode
Continuously Variable
Red 635nm
LASER DELIVERY Galilean Slit Lamp Integrated
Steroscopic 16x Microscope with Converging Optics
 MAGNIFICATION   Integrated 5 - Position 
5X, 8X, 14X, 25X,38X
 SAFETY FILTER   Fixed OD5 @1064 nm and 532nm 
Double Coated Colour - Balanced
 COOLING   Air Convection, Passive
 POWER REQUIREMENTS   100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Auto Ranging
DIMENSIONS 72 cm (L) x 54 cm (W) x 54 cm (H) 
28" x 21" x 21"
WEIGHT 21 kg. 
46.3 lbs.


Thermal KTP Crystal Management

The new LIGHTLas SLT Deux and LIGHTLas SLT Solo feature an exclusive Thermal KTP Crystal Management circuitry and software, which assure most stable SLT output energy performance over high repetition firing.

Due to its physical properties, the KTP crystal which converts the YAG (laser cavity) wavelength to 532nm (SLT wavelength) may expand and alters its output energy linearity due to frequent firing of the laser as industry guidelines allow a ±20% error.  This may often affect the treatment precision and its actual clinical outcomes.

LightMed’s proprietary technology eliminates the KTP variations engaging a special thermal control mechanism and circuitry that assure optimum shot-to-shot performance and reduce the energy variation error to more than double of competitors.


Smart & ergonomic interated design

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ was designed for physician and patient comfort for fast and convenient operation. Its ergonomic and uniquely integrated design makes it the most functional and comfortable laser to operate.

The laser permits for convenient dual handed controls, and exhibits short working distance between the objective lens and the patient’s eye, thus reducing back strain for the user.

An externally mounted chinrest facilitates convenient accommodation of patient posture, enhancing their comfort and in-treatment participation.


 Quality precision optics

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ features excellent quality components and high-resolution slit lamp optics, optimized for anterior segment procedures.

Whereas the beam splitter free design with internally coated safety optics as opposed to fixed safety filters, assure unmatched procedural viewing clarity and a larger field of view compared to most contemporary lasers in the market.


 Built-in five position magnification changer

 The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ features a five-position magnification changer. When combined with the laser’s enhanced optical design, it assures greater flexibility for diagnostics and treatment outcomes.

The design allows optimal viewing of fine structures and a wide field view of the treatment area, whereas the integrated design minimizes the working space (length) assuring convenience for the physicians.


 Superb crystal Q-Switch laser technology

Unique Crystal Q-Switch laser cavity technology provides optimum tissue cutting precision and consistent shot-to-shot output energy at industry’s lowest optical breakdown levels.  This reduces the noise associated with photodisruption, assuring better patient compliance and allowing procedures to be done with lower energy levels, reducing treatment side effects and lens pitting.

The 3Hz system design assures superb energy density and sets the LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ amongst the fastest systems in the market, allowing fast yet highly precise and safe treatments.



Unmatched long-term performance with auto calibration

The already superb, fast and reliable laser is further complemented by proprietary auto-calibration function, which assures exceptional laser cavity life span.

Unlike other lasers in the market that require frequent maintenance to promote its life span, the LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ will intelligently engage in auto-calibration mode as soon as the microprocessor senses degradation in output power over the predetermined levels.  The laser will self diagnose and set optimum internal parameters to continually assure peak performance regardless of the laser age.

This unique feature significantly enhances the overall costs of ownership and reduces service requirements, yet assures safety and convenience.


 Convenient & Easy controls

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ features large, clear displays with easily accessible controls, making it amongst the user-friendliest lasers available.

Laser parameters can be seen and adjusted beneath the oculars, limiting the distance the user needs to move during procedures, assuring adequate procedure focus and attention.


Industry´s largest ± 500 μm posterior / anterior laser offset 

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ features industry’s largest range of focal plane shift, providing great flexibility for more precise and accurate procedures. This assures better clinical versatility, and is essential when dealing in multi-patient environments with numerous IOL types, as the large focus shift allows precise titration of treatment focus without compromising comfort and preventing the possibility of lens pitting.

The posterior and anterior offset setting is adjustable within a massive range of ±500µm, continuously variable with selected audible and detent steps, facilitating procedure and operation during procedure in dark room conditions.


 Effortless precision

The LIGHTLas SLT Deux allows for precise yet simple adjustment and setup of the laser at the treatment area.

The YAG mode uses a dual beam fine-focusing aiming beam system where both beams converge together at the focal target area creating a sharp and easily readable spot.

Whereas the SLT mode adapts a single de-focused system that creates a single beam, which appears sharpest with internally visible rings once adjusted to the focal target area.

The design assures a high degree of precision yet offers the comfort of effortless laser adjustments.


LightLas Trio: SLT/YAG & Photocoagulator upgradability

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ can also be upgraded with one of LightMed’s unrivaled photocoagulators, creating a powerful multi-purpose anterior and posterior laser workstation.

This combination assures maximum cost and space saving capabilities. Whereas integration with one of LightMed’s new generation 532nm (green) or 577nm (yellow) and 810nm (infrared) photocoagulators, which utilize conventional and sub-threshold treatment mode technology, make the LightLas Duo a powerful combination platform.

The Photocoagulator treatment laser is delivered through an attachment type delivery system that conveniently mounts on the LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ without affecting its core performance. The laser console can be conveniently located on a specially designed swivel plate for enhanced functionality, or mounted on the side column for enhanced space.


Advanced laser firing mechanism

Most contemporary YAG & SLT Lasers in the market use older generation slit lamps, which apply slip rings within the internal joystick mechanism to trigger the laser.  In time, the coating of the slip rings wears off, increasing the possibility of misfire in desired position.  The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ features a direct fire-to-joystick- switch mechanism that assures perfect performance regardless of product age and position of the joystick.

  Innovative modular design

The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux™ has been intentionally designed with an intelligent modular construction. This design increases reliability, and simplifies service and maintenance. The benefits to the customers include long and reliable operation and minimum system down time, due to ease of limited periodical maintenance and diagnosis.

  Unbeateable value for money

LightMed’s LIGHTLas SLT Deux offers the industry’s “best value for money” SLT laser.