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  • Brand: S4Optik
S4Optik 1000-CH Examination... S4Optik 1000-CH Examination... 2
Chairs and Stands

S4Optik 1000-CH Examination Chair (No Recline)

Non-Recline Chair Comfortable, flexible, sleek. The S4OPTIK 1000-CH ExaminationChair offers a superior patient experience. Enjoy smooth, virtually silent lifting with the Swiss-made KleenTech® lift system• Holds up to 560lbs (254kg)• Seat raises to 31.55” (80.1cm) and lowers to 19.75” (50.2cm)• Optimal patient flexibility with individually retractable...
S4Optik 2500CH Examination... S4Optik 2500CH Examination... 2
Examination Chairs

S4Optik 2500CH Examination Chair (Full Electric Recline Chair)

S4Optik 2500CH Examination Chair (Full Electric Recline Chair) Automated Motorised Recline Convenient Membrane Buttons Strong, Yet Silent Power Lift Intelligent Rotation/Lock Sensible Height Control Locations

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