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Used Marco Keratometer 3003
Used Equip .

Used Marco Keratometer 3003

By simply rotating the Keratometer until a major axis is located, curvatures in both major and minor meridians can readily be measured.
Used Marco RT-300 Refractor...
Phoropters & Refractors

Used Marco RT-300 Refractor - cyl

The RT-300s accessory knob is positioned next to the cylinder power/axis knob and all controls are within a hand's breadth of each other. Now you no longer have to reach in front of a patient's view during an examination.
Used Nidek AFC210 Fundus... Used Nidek AFC210 Fundus... 2
Used Equip .

Used Nidek AFC210 Fundus Camera

Used Nidek AFC 210 Fundus Camera w Dell Laptop & Navis Lite Software
Used Slit Lamp Burton 830/835 Used Slit Lamp Burton 830/835 2
Used Equip .

Used Slit Lamp Burton 830/835

Used Burton 830/835 Slit Lamp Omni Joystick Control Hhas Ultra smooth positioning Convenient illumination and light burst controls. Along with three built in filters.
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