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Sonomed VuPad™ Portable B-scan Tablet
Sonomed VuPad™ Portable B-scan Tablet

Sonomed VuPad™ Portable B-scan Tablet

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2-3 Weeks

Portable B-scan Tablet includes 12MHz B-probe, built-in probe holder, Footpedal and Operator Manual

An innovation in ultrasound you can see and touch

The new VuPad™ is portable device delivers exceptional image quality in a wide range of applications. It’s also remarkably easy to use, thanks to intuitively designed touch screen controls. With VuPad™, you can bring advanced ultrasound to more places – and more patients – than ever before.

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  • Features

    Sonomed Vu-Pad Portable B-scan Ultrasound Tablet includes 12MHz B-probe,built-in probe holder, Footpedal and Operator Manual

    Industry-Leading Image Quality.

    The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. VuPad™ combines Sonomed Escalon’s superior UBM and newly enhanced B-scan image quality allowing you to capture both crisp still images and record video which can be carefully reviewed frame-by-frame.  

           Superior UBM and B-scan image quality with Enhanced Focus Rendering™ and ultra high resolution touch screen
          Specifically-designed drop-down and pop-up menus hide on-screen graphic controls providing a 25% larger on-screen viewing area than competitive systems

    Exceptional User Experience.

    Concentrate on your patients, not on the controls. With an intuitive graphic interface, VuPad™ makes ultrasound simple and straightforward. The multi-touch screen puts important functions easily at your fingertips. You can also take advantage of innovative, smartphone-inspired features like pinch zoom. VuPad™ also includes time saving pre-set scan settings to automatically optimize image quality depending upon area of viewing interest.  

           Multi-touch touchscreen for features like pinch zoom
        Simple to use measurement and annotation tools

    Portable. Flexible, Adaptable.

    In ophthalmic practices, there’s no such thing as an “ordinary day”. The compact, ergonomic VuPad is designed to adapt. You choose the modalities that you want – UBM, B-scan, and/or A-scan. Dual-Band WIFI, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth allow you connect to other devices or your network. There’s also plenty of room onboard to store images, with a hard drive that’s 60% larger than other portable ultrasound devices.  

           Compact ergonomic form factor, adjustable table top back stand or VESA mount to cart or articulating arm
           Choice of 12 or 20 MHz B-probes
        Dual-band WIFI, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth interface

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