Sonomed VuPad™ Portable B-Scan & UBM Tablet


Portable B-scan /UBM Tablet includes 12MHz B-probe, Water-Path Probe w/ 35MHz Transducer, built-in probe holders, Footpedal and Operator Manual

This revolutionary portable device delivers exceptional image quality in a wide range of applications. 


Sonomed VuPad™ Portable B-Scan & UBM Tablet


Unparalleled image quality with proprietary Enhanced Focus Rendering™

Multiple frequency transducers available (12 and 20 MHz B-scan and 35 and 50 MHz UBM)

256 ray scan with 2048 sample points for each ray (over a half-million sample points per transducer sweep)

Capture 50-frame video clips at up to 20 frames per second

Store unlimited images and up to 12 video clips in each exam

UBM scan cap kit compatible with ClearScan® device for direct contact scanning

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