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Used Pachymeter Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus

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Used Pachymeter Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus


Used Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus Pachymeter


Comes with 60 Day Warranty.


A multi-mode modular designed, upgradable ultrasonic pachometer offering state-of-the-art high frequency technology to provide accurate reproducible corneal thickness measurements for keratorefractive surgery and other ophthalmic needs. The unit employs a sleek design and can be configured as an economical pachometer or a full control station for RK, ALK, PRK, and LASIK procedures.

Sonogage exclusively uses 50 MHz transducers in all Corneo-Gage Plus™ ultrasonic pachometers.
Why? - FOR EASY OF USE, ACCURACY AND REPRODUCIBILTY. Sonogage is the world leader in pachometer transducer design and is ahead of the competition in offering the latest in technology and precision engineering.

Other pachometer manufacturers only offer at best 20 MHz transducers, which limit accuracy, reproducibility and the ease of making measurements.

50 MHz transducers give you 2.5 times the resolution of other pachometer transducers. This is the equivalent of giving you a ruler with 2.5 times the number of demarcations! In addition, 50 MHz gives you a smaller acoustic pulse width, which allows the unit to locate and measure corneal layers and interfaces where the speed of sound differs only slightly---because of this; one can more accurately locate the endothelium and measure accurately and easily stromal beds, lamella and epithelial thicknesses.

Epithelium has up to 2 diopters of refractive error---in PRK and Lasik cases it is important to monitor epithelium re-growth and postoperative thickening to assure the desired results. In addition the measurement of epithelial thickness is essential to understand the fitting of corneal reshaping lenses, CRT and ORTHO-K. Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus™ is the only ultrasonic pachometer capable of measuring epithelial thickness.


Benefits of our Pachometers

  • Completely Portable-move it from lane to lane, office to office
  • No foot pedal, no power cord
  • Battery level indicator
  • Easy To Use-ergonomic probe with continuous read mode
  • Provides Repeatable Readings of the Highest Accuracy
  • Measures the corneal epithelium- optional mode
  • Exclusive 50 MHz solid state transducer
  • Each individual reading is the average of 1000 ultrasonic echoes
  • Individual readings are not averaged-false high values cannot be obtained
  • Automatic calibration verification
  • Built-in dot matrix printer available
  • Built-in IOP correction chart for glaucoma and hypertension patients-optional 

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