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Nexy Non-Myd Digital Robotic Retinal...
Nexy Non-Myd Digital Robotic Retinal...
Nexy Non-Myd Digital Robotic Retinal...

Nexy Non-Myd Digital Robotic Retinal Camera

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 Nexy Non-Myd Digital Robotic Retinal Camera

Robotic high quality retinal imaging

Crystal clear images are captured easily with an advanced robotic movement. Thanks to nexy’s innovative and unique optical design, you can capture high quality and detailed images of the fundus even for patients with opacities.

 Fully automated and operator free

This fully automated camera uses auto focus and auto capture. Just press Start and nexy does the rest. Nexy can capture non-mydriatic images of the fundus oculi with 45° field-of-view angle in less than 15 seconds, requiring no human intervention for mechanical operations.

 Cloud-based and secure

The data are transferred to the cloud securely and can be accessed by authorized licensed specialist within seconds. Nexy utilizes client-side encryption for maximum data protection. This guarantees data security against unauthorized access to patient personal details and fraudolent actions from hackers that try to access the database.

 Optimized for telemedicine and A.I. assisted evaluation

Nexy can transmit  captured digital images to the server along with patient’s medical history. From there,  a specialist can view retinal images and prepare a medical report. The medical report is then sent back to nexy’s tablet. Otherwise, if nexy is associated to A.I. software, a preventive screening of the received data will be effected.  The unique features of nexy make it an ideal and efficient solution for teleconsultation.


Filed of view________________________45º

Field of viwe with mosaic function______90º

Retinal resolution____________________14 Micron

Fixation____________________________7 fixation set-ups

Tablet dimensions___________________10.4"

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