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Sonomed VuMAX™ HD


VuMAX HD is cutting edge technology simply the best


Hands down the gold standard in ophthalmic ultrasound. Configurable as a B-scan, UBM, or combination system with optional A-scan, the VuMAX HD is cutting edge technology providing unparalleled image quality with elegant and powerful usability. Yes, simply the best.



The VuMAX series from Sonomed Escalon has long been the gold standard in UBM imaging. Now with Enhanced Focus Rendering™ and other enhancements, the VuMAX™ HD delivers the most outstanding UBM images and video clips of the entire anterior chamber.

    The specialized angle detail scan setting optimizes resolution of different structures at the angle and behind the iris, providing the premier diagnostic tool for identifying causes of glaucoma-related concerns, including angle detail and permeability of the trabecular meshwork, plateau iris syndrome, effects of pupil movement on the angle, and other causes of glaucoma.
    Accurately measure sulcus-to-sulcus for properly and confidently size ICLs to ensure no post-operative surprises. The specialized sulcus-to-sulcus scan setting is optimally engineered to enable consistent viewing of key anatomical landmarks required to ensure accurate sulcus-to-sulcus measurements.
    View the entire anterior segment in great detail, with optimized scan settings of the VuMAX™ HD. Clearly visualize the ciliary body, pars plana, and other structures and identify tumors, cysts, trauma, uveitis, and other pathologies. The VuMAX™ HD even allows for visualization and video capture of accommodation.

UNPARALLELED B-Scan Image Quality.

The all-new B-scan mode of the VuMAX™ HD produces truly outstanding imaging of the posterior segment that has become the new gold standard.


Easily visualize extraordinary fine details within video clips and still images generated using proprietary Enhanced Focus Rendering™, providing image quality unmatched by other imaging systems.

Select from 4 preset scan modes to optimize image quality in area of interest, including orbit, vitreous body, retina surface, and deep retina / choroid.


Elegant user interface provides useful tools that are intuitive, simple, and efficient to use. Time-saving features such as selectable patient database display to easily search and access archive exam records. Document scan orientation with the single click of a button. Replay videos in real-time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame. Super-impose A-scan trace, perform linear and angle measurements, and annotate onto B-scan and UBM images. Auto calculation of axial length average and standard deviation, nine IOL formulas, and lens database for biometric A-scan.

Integrated enterprise-level computer hardware with two large RAID-configured SATA 1 TB enterprise class hard drives for data storage and separate SATA SSD solid-state drive for operating system. Large 21” Ultra HD monitor (1920 x 1080 pixel). Wireless keyboard and mouse interface. Easy interface with image management and EMR systems.

Simply the best.

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