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LIGHTLink-CXL Corneal Cross-Linking System

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LIGHTLink-CXL Corneal Cross-Linking System

Faster, Precise and Customizable Treatment


LIGHTLink-CXL corneal cross-linking system

The LIGHTLink-CXL corneal cross-linking system is the newest and most feature-packed device in its market segment.

Supplying a plug and treat turnkey solution, the LIGHTLink-CXL is the only cross link in the market that is designed with the laser-like mechanisms & functionality, resulting in enhanced safety, clinical effectiveness, and convenience.

LIGHTLink-CXL features built-in treatment protocols, allowing for the procedures to be guided through a semi-automated process. As a result, treatment time is enhanced and safety margins & procedure efficacy are increased.

Treatment parameters are also fully customizable for procedure time, power, spot size and mode of irradiation delivery, setting the LightMed system apart from its contemporary competitors as ideal device for practical day-to-day use or research purposes.



 Unlike any contemporary cross-link system on the market, the LightLink-CXL offers laser-like safety and functionality, enhancing treatment precision, safety, and time.

An integrated instant power feedback loop system continuously measures and maintains the irradiation power throughout the entire procedure.  This unique function reduces the output power drift and fluctuation to less than 5% fluctuation error, eliminating the need of manual device calibration and periodic maintenance.

The innovative optical design LED is build into an optical cluster, assuring optimum treatment beam collimation and homogeneousity.

By precise activation of Riboflavin, it is the safest and most uniform treatment beam profile on the cornea, eliminating hot spot concerns while maximizing the clavin.


 UV LIGHT SOURCE  Hi-Power UV-A-LED Cluster System
 MAX. POWER RANGE  Factory Limited 30mW/cm2

 0.5mW/cm2 – 30mW/ cm2, Continuously Variable
Limited at total 5.4 J/cm2 with built in protocols, and custom override


Automatic: By Integrated power monitor with feedback loop.


Adjustable 1sec. – 60min.


11.6” Touch Screen color LCD with built in PC


Automatic: Through built in Power Meter and feedback loop.


Adjustable Duration 1-10s 
Adjustable Interval 1-10s






4-11mm Continuously Variable


Ultra Efficient 4 LED Cluster System with twin homogenizer




Dual Red Diodes 670nm


Adjustable 0.1-1.0mW


Integrated Hi-Res Auto-Focusing Camera


Integrated, height adjustable with pantographic arm


90 – 240VAC, 50-60 Hz Auto-ranging & Opt. 30min Backup Battery


130cm (H) x 128cm (W) x 40cm (L) 
51.2" x 50.4" x 15.7"


48kg / 105.6 lbs.

High performance powerful UV diode technology

LIGHTLink-CXL features the highest performing and most powerful UV-A diode system in the market, assuring superb energy stability and long-term performance.

The Japanese designed and manufactured diode is capable of producing almost 2W of output power. The LIGHTLink-CXL, however, is factory limited to produce a maximum output of 30mW, assuring safety and outstanding product life span even when system is used at high capacity.

Should future treatment protocols require higher irradiance power, LightMed can override the system output power to desired levels.


 Procedure video & photo system recording and monitoring

LIGHTLink-CXL offers a unique video and photo recording function, facilitating research purposes and patient reports.  The files are stored on the system’s internal hard drive, and can be easily exported from the device onto a USB or flash disk.

A live video feed is displayed on the interface screen, facilitating easy alignment of the treatment beam on the eye and assisting in-op patient monitoring for enhanced safety and supervision convenience.


 Precise treatment beam aligment

The LIGHTLink-CXL allows for precise, simple adjustments of the of the treatment beam on the target.

System uses a fine-focusing dual aiming beam system, where both beams converge together at the focal target area, creating a sharp and easily readable spot. The intelligent design caters for the natural anterior chamber depth distance of the eye, ensuring that the adequate irradiation is delivered to the fine structures of the inner cornea.


 Auto guided treatment protocols

The LIGHTLink-CXL built in treatment protocols are guarded through precisely controlled software with automated commands. This feature alerts the physician of important treatment steps during patient preparation and treatment.

The carefully structured steps are safeguarded from accidental operator error of over irradiation, infrequent application, and riboflavin solution, assuring unmatched safety and enhanced treatment efficacy.

The automated steps can be titrated to meet individual case requirements or adapt to evolving cross-linking protocols.


 Superb beam profile for enhanced treatment

The innovative LED is built into an optical cluster, assuring optimum treatment beam collimation and homogeneousity.

It is the safest and most uniform treatment beam profile on the cornea, eliminating hot spot concerns and maximizing the clinical effectiveness by precise activation of riboflavin.

Because of the biological Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD) between the cornea and the iris, the LIGHTLink-CXL aiming beam system has been intentionally defocused. This means that during the setup and procedure, the aiming beam reflects off the iris while the UV-A safely reflects of the cornea, providing more protection than any other system.


 Conventional & automated on-off Cxl treatment modes

Automated and customizable treatment modalities make LIGHTLink-CXL a  practical, safe, and versatile cross-linking device for use in any demanding clinic.  Versatile treatment modes and high function customizability make the CXL the system of choice for research application.

Recent studies demonstrate that high interval on-off irradiation dosage induces relaxation and oxygenation of the cornea, resulting in the possibility of more functionality of the treated eye.

Unlike other contemporary systems, which need to be manually controlled for on-off treatments, the LIGHTLink-CXL features automated, highly adjustable intervals, creating a pulsed cross-linking effect. In early stages of research, this function may prove vital, especially in accelerated (high dosage) cross-linking, enhancing treatment safety and long term efficacy.


 Fast, multiple and customisable treatment options

The LIGHTLink-CXL features the highest number of built in protocols, assuring treatment efficacy, speed, and physician convenience.  The intelligent software provides semi-automated guidance during the procedure process with intuitive menus, alerts, and commands, minimizing potential operator error.

There are 4 pre-programmed protocols for traditional and accelerated cross linking, as well as a fully customizable mode that allows the physician to set desired parameters for upcoming protocols or research purposes.   The system is developed within the clinically preset standards, enabling a maximum accumulative irradiance of 5.4 j/cm². While in customization mode, the physician has the ability to override this function, assuring additional safe guards and parameters.   Preset protocols include:

  • Standard:  30min protocol
  • Intermediate: 10 min protocol
  • Accelerated: 5 minute protocol
  • Rapid: 3 minute protocol 

Unmatched safety characteristic

The LIGHTLink-CXL was designed with latest generation technology to ensure efficacy and unmatched safety in corneal collagen cross-linking procedures and enhanced functions. Key safety features:

  • Internal microprocessor, controlling all system functions.
  • Aiming beam with adjustment of intensity for accurate focusing and positioning.
  • Advanced focusing system for safe and precise system setup.
  • Internal target for patient fixation.
  • Audible systems for over-irradiance and riboflavin application.
  • Built in protocols and treatment parameters.
  • Continuously Variable spot size
  • Integrated Video Camera for easier patient monitoring.

 Automatic calibration mode with power control loop

LIGHTLink-CXL features a unique integrated power feedback loop system designed to precisely measure and maintain the strength of irradiation throughout the entire procedure.

This means the output power is continuously monitored and corrected, reducing power drift and fluctuation to less than 5%, assuring high safety and efficacy of the procedure. Unlike contemporary systems, the LIGHTLas CXL has no need for periodic power calibration. There is no need for calibration before each procedure with an external power meter, which usually results in an output power error of over 25%.

  • Case I – Power variation with temperature: electronic components and UV light sources are subject to variations with temperature. The intelligent LIGHTLink-CXL microprocessor-based feedback loop system ensures constant light emission even with wide-range variations in temperature. Open-loop (non-feedback) systems are unable to deliver constant light emission, which is especially important in 30-minute, non-stop treatment sessions.
  • Plot II – Power variation with aging UV Source: All light-emitting semiconductor components, including UV LEDs, become less efficient over time. LIGHTLink-CXL microprocessor-based feedback system offsets normal aging, ensuring the UV light delivers constant light emission during its entire life cycle. This is essential when the light power delivered is critical to treatment success.

 Intuitive & sophisticated system interface

The LIGHTLink-CXL has an unparalleled system interface that includes a large touch screen display and integrated protocols. A user-friendly interactive menu with treatment optimization functionality is also included. The operational interface functions include:

  • Live video screen
  • Video & Photo Capture
  • Interactive help menu & protocols
  • Video/photo capture
  • Treatment energy monitor (automatic parameter)
  • Treatment activation button
  • Aiming beam intensity & audible warnings selection
  • Treatment intensity (power) selection
  • Treatment spot size selection
The LCD interface functions on Windows-embedded platform, designed to  allow greater personalization of the system with the ability to store and retrieve personal data such as clinical protocols and system manuals.

 Ergonomic, integrated design

LIGHTLink-CXL is supplied as plug and treat turnkey integrated onto a  maneuverable, height adjustable stand with extendable pantographic arms, assuring easy access and use in all clinic conditions.

A back-up battery is integrated into each system, assuring peace of mind and an uninterrupted procedure up to 45 minutes, making unexpected electrical failures or difficult operating conditions non-invasive to physician operation.

Optical head, grips, and stand handles enhance the system mobility. A tray is also integrated into the system, facilitating user working space.


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