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Kanghua APS-AER  Digital Auto-capture...

Kanghua APS-AER Digital Auto-capture Fundus Camera

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OAI intelligent recognition: it can cope with limitation of eye conditions, low degree of cooperation, etc. within several milliseconds, thereby significantly improving the success rate of shooting; OAI intelligent simulation: when the automatic operation is abnormal, the device simulates manual operation by itself and does not need to return to the original state completely; OBreak through face-to-face examination mode; the camera can be manipulated in different directions an that the operator can assist the patient for cooperation in the whole 

process; °Touch screen one-figure control; it can be easily used by non-professional operators, who can take photos successfully; OThe operator can enter the system randomly by manual operation, who can switch by one key.


  • Model______APS-AER
  • Camera brand and model_____SLR Nikon D5300
  • Camera resolution_____24.1 mega pixel
  • Function____Color fundus
  • Lens type_____Aspherical
  • Field of view____Up to 53º
  • Non-mydriatic_____Yes
  • Minimum pupil size_____3.3mm
  • FFA____No
  • Light source______Infrared LED
  • Diopter compensation_____+-15D
  • Fixation lamp______External fixation lamp + Five internal fixation lamp, nine internal fixation lamp (Optional)
  • Alignment______Two dots
  • Focus mode_____Auto focus & Manual focus
  • Exposure mode______Auto flash & Manual flash
  • Dicom 3.0________Optional
  • Eye position identification______Auto
  • Working distance_______42mm +- 2mm

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