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S4OPTIK Cobra Non-Myd Fundus Camera


S4OPTIK Cobra Non-Myd Fundus Camera

The next Generation of Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera. Made in Italy.

Award winning design.  User Friendly


S4OPTIK Cobra Non-Myd Fundus Camera

Cobra: the next Generation of non-mydriatic fundus camera COBRA is an innovative non-midriatic digital fundus camera that combines all the needed functions for a fast retinal screening. By using a new optical system , COBRA provides high quality retinal pictures. Designed with a very hergonomic shape, COBRA provides a clear and detailed vision of the entire ocular fundus, with a real 60° horizontal field of view. Pictures are acquired with a minimum flash exposition, thus by minimizing the examination time for the patient. The high resolution CCD sensor (5 MP in the HD version) is both used for the patient alignement (with an IR source) and for the retinal picture acquisition (with a white LED flash and IR). COBRA is connected to the PC by IEEE1394 protocol (Firewire type A or B), providing a very high speed data transfer. Patients data are saved in a database, using the Phoenix software. Stand-alone or Network station are both possible. DICOM feature is integrated in Phoenix software. Phoenix Software imaging and archiving features image processing advanced functions Drawing features Measurement tools Mosaic function Meibomiam Glands Dinsfunction (MGD) analysis tool AVr evaluation for heart attack risk Advanced printout functions (comparison visible-IR and OD-OS at the same time) Wavelengths splitter summary printout on the same page. Integration with ERG test performed by Retimax


provides the new RETIMAX plus Fundus tool, that adds new attractive feature of the Multifocal ERG test, by combining Multifocal ERG and photographic image of the retinal Fundus. This new feature helps in the detection and following the progression of a macular or other limited retinal area, with specific and accurate indication of the functionality of each retinal ar

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