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SLM-6M LED Portable Slit-lamp...
SLM-6M LED Portable Slit-lamp...
SLM-6M LED Portable Slit-lamp...
SLM-6M LED Portable Slit-lamp...

SLM-6M LED Portable Slit-lamp w/Travel case, 2 step mag

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Product structure and composition: Optics body, illumination system and battery. Application Scope: Lesions screening of anterior segment and intraocular part. Usage: This device is suitable for hospitals, medical centers, community health centers, optical shops and other units of the eye disease screening purposes

This product has a 1 year warranty

  • Features

    • Microscope Type ___Converging
    • Eye Piece Type____High eye-point eyepiece
    • Center of the field resolution_____1800-N/mm (N: numerical aperture)
    • Diameter of visual field_____10X:mm, 16X:mm; 25.6x:mm
    • Object lens_____1.0X. 1.6X
    • Eyepiece __10X; 16X
    • Total magnification___10X; 16X; 25.6X
    • Working distance____81mm
    • Interpupillary distance adjustment range____45mm-78mm
    • Diopter adjustment___-8D^+8D
    • Slit width___(0-12MM continuous)
    • Slit length____(1-12MM)
    • Slit angle___+-30º 
    • Aperture diameter___0.2mm, 1mm, 5mm, 12mm
    • Filter____Heat absorption, Grey, Redfree, Cobalt blue
    • Bulb____LED
    • Illumination___50000Lux
    • LED working voltage___DC3V, 350mAh
    • Battery___Li-ion battery 7.4V/680mAh, use every 5-6 hours full charge
    • Dimension_____169.5mmX109.5mmX228.5mm
    • Weight____700g (Including battery)

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