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Indirect Keeler Wireless All Pupil II

Indirect Keeler Wireless All Pupil II

Indirect Keeler Wireless All Pupil II


Keeler All Pupil II Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Keeler, the world leader in binocular indirect technology, has solved the frustration of doctors with a patented wireless system.

Headband Rheostat
Why have the illumination controls on the wall when the instrument is on your head? On Vantage the illumination rheostat is located on the headband providing easily accessible fully controllable light. Vantage is one of brightest indirects available and the illumination can be turned down to as low as 2% of maximum if required.

Hi-Mag Lens - Standard
The only Indirect giving you 1.6x more magnification now comes standard with the popular
Hi-Mag Lens.

Keeler Patented Wireless Technology provides:
- Freedom to move from room to room
- Freedom to examine your patients without restraints
- Up to two hour continuous use
- Quick recharge time of two hours
- Comfortable, lightweight and perfectly balanced
- Desktop or wall mountable
- Backup lithium battery available

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