Kanghua SLM-2ER, 5 step mag HS style


Powerful SLM-2ER slit lamp microscope SLM-2.ER professional slit lamp microscope. with a large field of good scalaiillty characteristics. 

  • The new design of high-quality micro platforms, operating handy.
  • High eye Point, comfort maximum 14mm spot checks greater extent of desease
  • five-step drum zoom design. easier to use 6X, 1C X, 1.6X
  • 40x magnification: Corneal andothelial cells can be observed under 40X
  • All optical lenses are made of imported materials. anti-moisture and anti-fog coating treatment in a variety of climatic conditions, which can ensure the long-term good optical effect;
  • Digital upgrade interface you can upgrade to a digital Slit lamp 

This product has a 3 year warranty


  • Microscope Type ___gallileo Parallel
  • Magnification change way____Drum five magnifications
  • Eyepiece magnification____12.5X
  • Total magnifications___6x, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
  • Diopter adjustment___-5D^+5D
  • Illumination_____Three Steps (Stepless optional)
  • Slit width___(0-14MM continuous)
  • Slit height____(1-14MM continuous)
  • Slit angle_____0º - 180º adjustable
  • Slit inclination angle____5º 10º 15º 20º
  • Light spot diameter___0.2mm, 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 14mm
  • Filter____Heat apsortion; grey; redfree; cobalt blue
  • Fixation____Red LED
  • Illumination bulb___German OSRAM Halogen Tugsten Lamp
  • Imput voltage_____110V/220V(+-10%)
  • Imput power____60VA
  • Diffuse lens_____Yes
  • Preset Lens_____Yes
  • Laser Interface____Optional
  • Applanation Tonometer Interface___ Yes

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