CXL Riboflavin solutions

CXL Riboflavin solutions

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Ribolex are the purest and most refined compositions which have been adapted by thousands of ophthalmologist worldwide, and have been the longest and most consistent used of the cross linking formulations in the market.

  • “Product not FDA approved, Not for sale in USA” 

  • Features

    RiBOLEX-i (Isotonic)


    • CXL treatment of normal corneals with thickness of 400UM and above.
    • Epi-off treatment, recommended application time: 20 - 25 minutes.
    • (Recommended instilment: 1 drop every 2 to 3 minutes).


    • (0.1%) Rivoflavin (Viamin B2) with 20% pharmaceutical grade Dextran 500.


    • In 3ml sterile glass syringe applicator / individually sealed in sterile pouch.

    RIBOLEX-h (Hypotonic)


    • CXL treatment of corneas with thickness below 400UM by osmotic swelling effect.
    • Epi-off treatment; recommended application time: 1 drop every 5 seconds until cornea thickness has reached recommended safe thickness of 400UM.
    • During Cross-linking procedure follow with Hypotonic drop every 2 minutes or in combination with Isotonic compound to maintain thickness at 400UM.


    • (0.1%) Rivoflavin (Viamin B2)


    • In 1ml sterile glass syringe applicator / individually sealed in sterile pouch.

    “Product not FDA approved, not for sale in USA” 

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