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Oculess Digital Adapter
Oculess Digital Adapter

Oculess Digital Adapter


Most Digital adapters use prisms to split the light between the eye of the examiner an the digital camera. When you split the light, you compromise both ports. By elminating the need for the beam splitter, it gives the camera 100% of the intended light and resolution.


Benefits of bypassing the oculars:

  • The Oculess adapter does NOT use the camera built onto the tablet. There is a real medical grade camera inside the white box. The monitor is only used to to view and capture the image.
  • The eye can be seen with the latest Galaxy 10” Tab A. To capture the photo as you see it just tap on the screen.
  • You can leave your glasses on as you observe the actual image on the tablet. Your refractive error and astigmatism is no longer a problem.
  • You also do not need to focus your eyepieces. This is highly portable so other users don't need to refocus.
  • lt takes less than 10 seconds to remove the oculars and screw the camera dove tail in ¡ts place.
  • Using the Galaxy tablet makes the entire system wireless. No more dragging and tripping on a mess of wires.
  • The galaxy tablet has the ability to shoot photos and video. What you see is what you get!
  • If you want to send your images to a database on your PC, you have over 10 options to transfer wirelessly to your shared folder.
  • |'s portable, so you can move it from room to room.

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