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i-Optik CM-1900C Chart Monitor
i-Optik CM-1900C Chart Monitor
i-Optik CM-1900C Chart Monitor

i-Optik CM-1900C Chart Monitor


Elegant, narrow and ultra-thin, which highlights the image of the shop window of the

23-inch LCD monitor, adapts to a variety of optometry environments.

Visual inspection function in red and green, support Bluetooth,

original astigmatism axis in infrared line, rapid inspection optotype grade

according to the optometry distance, finely adjust the lens size.


  • Screen: 23-inch color LCD
  • Brightness: 250cd / m2
  • Optotype: Optotype E, optotype C, alpha optotype, digital optotype, child optotype, special optotype
  • Objective scope: 0.04 ~ 2.0
  • Display mode: Single screen, single row screen, single column screen, full screen, contrast screen
  • Working distance: 2-7 meters, every 0.1 meters / file.
  • Power supply: AC100-240V, 50HZ / 60HZ, 33W
  • Size: 531 (W) × 57 (D) × 328 (H) mm
  • Weight: 4.7kg

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