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Reconditioned Optos Daytona Wide...
Reconditioned Optos Daytona Wide...

Reconditioned Optos Daytona Wide field Retinal Camera

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Reconditioned Optos Daytona

Tremendous 205° view of the Retina in just one capture to the multiple imaging features.  Daytona has the advantage of  ultra-widefield images in comparison to the regular Non-myd cameras with only the standard 45 degrees. Great space saving design.   Yet capable of full fundus Photography with Maximum Full Field of View.

Features :

  • Color Photos
  • Red-free
  • Choroidal
  • Autofluoresence

Field of View image:

- Standard:  205⁰ Single Capture

- Auto-montage:  Up to 220⁰ (with OptosAdvance software optional )

- Central Pole:  Macula Full Deatailed view 

- Stereo: Imaging optic disc and fundus 

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