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corneal analyzer ca200f
Reconditioned Topcon CA-200F, Corneal...
Reconditioned Topcon CA-200F, Corneal...
corneal analyzer ca200f

Reconditioned Topcon CA-200F, Corneal Analyzer

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The Topcon CA-200F Corneal Analyser is an easy-to-use solution for the evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to elevation mapping, the CA-200F provides comprehensive software features, allowing for a complete analysis of the patient's cornea. The Topcon CA-200F provides fluorescein images and real time fluorescein films for contact lens fitting as well.


Reconditioned Topcon CA-200F, Corneal Analyzer

  • Fluorometry
  • Pupillometry
  • Zernike analysis
  • Contact lens fitting simulation
  • IOL calculation
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Automated best image selection
  • Automated pupil recognition
  • Touch screen
  • Onboard software
  • WiFi connection

Specifications Of Topcon CA-200F

Stand-Alone Operation

  • Topcon CA-200F is an onboard stand-alone operational device that is fully accessible PC so, do not need any other PC with the external mode.

In Build Touch Screen

  • Moreover, Topcon CA-200F comes with an 8-inch touch screen display that gives eye care professional easy and quick navigation. It also comes with automotive software that helps users to get accurate analysis and image acquisition.

In Build WiFi Module 

  • CA 200 F is composed of WiFi modules that can help a user get connected with other wireless devices for proper analysis and acuity summary. It allows easy communication with the network with the wireless yet external network, printer or PC, etc.

Corneal Topography

  • CA 200 F is a Placido based topographic eye equipment. As a result, it provides correct and high definition images of the anterior corneal surface. It even comes with 24 rings measure over 10,000 data points that give an axial resolution of 3 microns.

Automotive Image Selection Mode

  • In order to provide the best analysis for great and improved workflow, this Topcon CA-200F can automatically select the best-focused image. Topcon CA-200F automatic best selection mode easy to use and operate. It gives 8 Blue LED’s fluorescein images that help eye care practitioner to get real-time films and images of the patient’s cornea.

Automatic Pupil Recognition

  • The Topcon CA-200F gives users a facility that can help them to recognize and register the actual pupil diameter. It promotes an eye specialist to get detailed information about the eye structure required lens and more. It is dynamic, scotopic, mesopic and photopic pupillometry provides comprehensive graphs. Those graphs of pupillometry include decentralization maps, latency maps, and static maps, etc.

Direct Connectivity

  • Apart from wireless connection with the network, or with other wireless devices, it also accessed with the direct network connection. The Topcon CA-200F offers quite and easy network modules that basically improve its usage and functionality.

Software Modules

  • Topcon CA-200F is all inherited with software that can easily installed over external PC or devices. It gives the user an accurate module to connect lens fitting and Zernike analysis. The feature of Zernike analysis provides the user with a clear view and also provide visual acuity summary for further treatment.

IOL Calculation

  • Topcon CA-200F gives the practitioner an advantage for correct IOL calculation. Its onboard application with Oculentis offers LENTIS Tplus, toric IOL for patients easily.


  • In conclusion, Topcon CA-200F is a significant eye care practitioner’s choice in corneal analyzer with advanced technical specifications. It comes ideal sized keratoscope cone, analyzed and measured points for accurate identification of eye. With 0.3 mm to 10mm corneal coverage and 1D to 120D diopter, this eye instrument is the righteous choice. It gives a resolution of +/-0.01D, 1 micron, auto capture, and USB port. CA 200 L relatively use AC 100-240 V 47-63 Hz of the power supply with <100 VA of power consumption that increases its durability as well.

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