Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical...
Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical...
Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical...
Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical...

Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical Microscope on S7 Stand

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  • Features

    The Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 is a precision surgical microscope specifically designed for use in ophthalmic applications. Developed by Carl Zeiss Meditec, the Visu 150 is a reliable, compact, and versatile operating microscope that is specifically designed to handle routine and complex procedures in the field of Ophthalmology, such as Cataract, Cornea, Glaucoma, and Retina procedures. The illumination system of the Visu 150 is controlled using a waterproof footswitch. The footswitch is designed to control at least 10 functions which can enhance the operational utilization of the whole system. It is also equipped with a zero to one-hundred eighty-degree inclinable binoculars, a versatile objective lens, and can provide a predetermined number of illumination angled. These features enable the microscope system to emit a red reflex for Cataract surgery. The Visu 150 is compatible with the S7 floor stand and the S5 floor stand. However, the S7 is more compact and manually balanced which can further reduce the footprint of the Viso 150. The optical performance of the Visu 150 is comparable with the newer models Viso 140 and Viso 160. While the 150 is older than the 140 and 160, it has a distinct advantage of having more optical adjustment options than both the 140 and the 160. The optical head of the Visu 150 is drastically reduced by using the Zeiss apochromatic optics. The magnification setting is powered by the apochromatic optical zoom whose ratio is 1:6. The razor-sharp images, the enhanced positioning capability, and the ergonomically designed floor stand are combined to improve the surgical workflow and provide the surgeons with optimum comfort while performing surgeries.


    • Excellent red reflex for cataract surgery
    • Multiple angles of illumination
    • Great optical clarity
    • Zeiss 0-180 degree inclinable binoculars
    • 10x Widefield eyepieces
    • Zeiss objective lens 175mm
    • Zeiss footswitch
    • Fiber-Optic cable
    • Zeiss S-7 floor stand
    • Sterilization nobs

    Product Specification

    Brand Zeiss
    Objective Lens F (in mm) 175 mm
    Model Number OPMI VISU 150 ON S7
    Eye Piece 4x, 10x widefield eyepieces
    Illumination System Light system 2 Degree with red reflex
    Field Lighting Up to 65mm
    Type of Focus Halogen 12v. 100w. fault with manual focus
    Binocular Tilt 0 Degree -180 Degree, F = 170mm, with Eyepieces 10x or 12.5x
    Working Distance F = 200mm or the of your preference
    Approach 50mm stroke with motor
    XY Tour of 100mm x 100mm with automatic centering
    Pedal Waterproof; 10 to 14 functions
    Filters GG 475 for eye protection; UV and IR
    Position Through fire handles with magnetic brakes


    This Zeiss OPMI Visu 150 Surgical Microscope comes equipped with:

    • One year warranty
    • Operator’s manual
    • S-7 Stand
    • Beam splitter
    • Side view binoculars
    • Hitachi CCD color camera, Model: KP-D20BU *Optional
    • One set of sterilization knobs
    • Dust cover

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