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Supore LM700 Auto-Lensmeter w/printer

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Supore Auto Lenmeter LM-700

Features include:

7" Full Color TFT Touch Screen display

Auto Reading / Auto Capture

Auto Progressive Detection

Auto PD

Lens Marking system

Built in UV meter

Built in printer: Screen displays bar code for smartphone capture

Technical parameters

Range of spherical degree            -25mª - +25mª

Range of cylindrical degree          -9.99mª - +9.99mª

Range of under plus degree         -9.99mª - +9.99mª

Axis for astigmatism                      0º - 180º

Range prism basal angle               0º - 360º

Range prism degree                       Horizontal direction 15" , vertical direction 20"

Measurable lens size                     o7 - 110mm                    

Measurable lens thickness           ^20mm

Measurable UV transmissivity     yes

Measurable range of PD               30 - 10mm

Measurable range of PH               4 - 55mm

Power Adapter                              AC110 - 220V

Size                                                203mmX240mmX480mm



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