Reconditioned Nidek LE-9000EX Express Patternless System‏

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The Nidek LE-9000EX Express Patternless Edger system can process any type of lens materials, including glass*, plastic, polycarbonate and acrylic lenses.  Newly designed"High Index Plastic Mode"can be applied to high index plastic lenses for smoother processing, in accordance with lens hardness and viscosity.

No Belts . Motor Driven !!!


Reconditioned Nidek Le 9000ex Express Patternless Edger System‏

LE-9000ex Express 
3D tracing and edging All material capable Precise bevel control Polishing function Integrated tracer, groover, and safety bevel.  CE-1 style Blocker included. 

The LE-9000ex Express is a highly durable and efficient system for anyone considering a step up in edging technology. 

Edging Modes: 
• Auto: Computer Calculated Bevel 
• Guided: Manual Bevel settings 

• Auto: Computer calculated groove position and curve 
• Guided: Manual input of groove and curve 

Lens Materials for Nidek LE-9000ex Express: Glass, High Index, Polycarbonate, and CR-39 

Lens Size: 90 mm max. 

Layout Range: 110mm max. 

Grinding Size: 
• Flat Edging: 18mm min. 
• Beveling: 19mm min. 

Water Supply System: 
• Recirculating tank and pump or Direct Water hookup. 

Dimensions: 20.5″W X 19.1″D X 13″H 

Weight: 92.6 lbs. 

Standard Accessories included

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