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OPTICHART-XL 24" LED Visual Acuity Panel

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OPTICHART-XL 24" LED Visual Acuity Panel


OPTICHART-XL 24" LED Visual Acuity Panel

High performance Quad Core CPU

High speed & fast chart conversion induce patients to be stable psychologically and provide the most Reliable Exam.

24"Full HD 1920x1080 LED Screen with Wall Mount Support included.

LED backlight provide brighter & clearer chart images. Uniform & light background provide more accurate Testing.

Various auxiliary function and optimized user interface

Users can change and use the optimized user interface like inspection distance, index unit, red-green adjustment or stereoscopic in accordance with visual measurement environment

Video and image support

Advertisement, educational videos and images saved at USB memory stick are available

High quality 2W built-in speaker

Low power and eco-friendly product

Provide various optometry charts

Basic Optometry charts included  (Snellen, Numbers, Illiterate E,Landolt C, Kindergarten) Random changing charts so patients

do not memorize test being presented.

Provide various auxiliary charts

Various types of auxiliary charts are provided to cope with all measurement using special lens like polarized light, red/green or cross cylinder


Special tests included:

Color Blindness test

Contrast test

Stereoscopic vision test

Binocular balance test

Heterophoria test

Amsler grid test

Vergence test

LED light to gaze the target

It supports LED light which is to be usable for Maddox rod test to provide more convenient optometry environment

Room Size

Easy to set the test distance ( 5 ft - 24 ft ), Reverse Mirror mode


Model Name

LCD Chart





Weight (BOX)

24 lbs /11 Kg

Power Consumption



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