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Reconditioned Righton Retinomax...
Reconditioned Righton Retinomax...
Reconditioned Righton Retinomax...
Reconditioned Righton Retinomax...
Reconditioned Righton Retinomax...

Reconditioned Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 Portable Autoref/keratometer

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Reconditioned Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 Portable Autoref/keratometer


The Retinomax 3 Series boasts all the same benefits as the 2
Series, plus an impressive collection of new features.


v Lighter With Thinner Grip

Weighing just under one kilogram, the main body with battery is over 17% lighter for the K-plus 3 and 11% lighter for the Retinomax 3 than the conventional Retinomax Series models. The Retinomax Series 3’s center of gravity is in the grip, making the Retinomax Series 3 feel much lighter and more balanced.


v NEW Auto Quick Measurement 

If no measurement is made within six seconds, the unit automatically enters Quick mode. Measurement is then taken in 0.07 second. In Auto Quick mode, “AQ” appears on printouts.


v NEW Auto Pupil Measurement, Display and Printout

The unit measures pupil size automatically, displays the X (horizontal) size on the monitor, and prints out the XY (horizontal and vertical) sizes separately. Results can be used in checking accommodation, mydriasis, ADIE and Horner-associated syndromes.


Retinomax K-Plus 3 - Additional Features


v Fast Refraction/Keratometry Readings

In the Refraction/Keratometry Mode, readings up until both data are indicated require only 0.25 seconds -- 0.15 seconds for Keratometry and 0.12 for Refractions.


v Peripheral Corneal Curvature Readings

Tangential peripheral readings are possible, as is E-value printing.
When the eye is exposed to bright light, the pupil contracts, often making measurements impossible. Within the K-plus 2, the minimum required pupil diameter is only 2.5mm plus the intensity of the fixation target is variable. 2.5mm Pupil Size and Selectable Fixation Intensity









Measurement Range S -18D to +23D C 0 to - 12D, 0 to +12D Axis: 1° to 180°

Increments Auto/0.25D selectable Axis: 1°


Measurement Range Radius curvature: 5 to 11mm (in 0.01mm increments)
Corneal astigmatism: in 0.25D increments Axis: 1° to 180° (in 1° increments)
Measurement Area Center: Ø3.2mm (R8mm) Peripheral: 25° tangential (vertical/horizontal)


-Measurement Area 2.5mm

-Measurement Modes Auto/Continuous/Quick R-K Mode RK/R/K

-Measurement Time RK: 0.25 sec. per indication R: 0.12 sec. per indication (0.07 sec. in quick mode)

-Mire Ring 18 points dots: 30mm diameter

-Fixation Target Tree or Bear target selectable at the time of purchase

-Consistency Value 10 points

-Pupil Observation Retro Mode

-Reaching Distance 10.9 inch. (278mm)

-Working Distance 2 inch. (50mm) from cover glass

-Dimensions (170 x 230 x 240mm) (main body only)

-Weight Approx. 969g (with battery)

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