• i-Optik CV-7800 Auto Phoropter $9,795.00
    • The first auto phoropter that can be controlled by a tablet.
    • Blue tooth communication, providing more flexibility in space
    • More simple operation interface, ensuring more efficient optometry experience
    • Supports customized programming, easier for chain stores to unify the optometry standards
    • Can connect to remote refraction system to provide Systematic diagnosis services

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  • i-Optik Online Remote Digital Refraction Suite Call for Price

    Digital Suite All communicates via Bluetooth

    Special 24 month of 0% Financing for US customer ONLY


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  • Illuminated phoropter Model: RT-77i $3,495.00

    1 Year Warranty

    The estimated shipping time for the product is approximately 2-3 weeks.

    This manual refractor/phoropter is equipped with illumination to meet the needs of performing exams in dark environments. With its main parts made of metal and copper, the new illuminated phoropter is highly durable and suitable for long-term use.

    Available on backorder

  • Marco Led RT-700 Illuminated Phoropter +/- Cyl Call for Price

    The Marco RT-700 Illuminated Refractor is the perfect blend of style, function, and illumination control. Marco has completed this dramatic leap into a new refractor design by incorporating all of the classic elements and features that primary eye care providers demand from a traditional refractor. The Marco RT-700 is a distinctive industry-recognized design that conveniently combines a proven LED illumination system with Marco-certified quality. With the RT-700, Marco has continued its long-standing tradition of utilizing the very best materials and craftsmanship to construct a superior, highquality vision diagnostic instrument that doctors have come to expect from Marco products.

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  • -17%Limited
    Optimetrics RT-77 Phoropter – cyl Original price was: $2,995.00.Current price is: $2,495.00.

    New Optimetrics RT-77 Manual Phoropter – cyl

    All gears are CNC machined

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  • Optimetrics RT-77 Phoropter + cyl $2,495.00

    New Optimetrics RT-77 Manual Phoropter + cyl

    All gears are CNC machined

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  • -20%Limited
    Optimetrics TC-70 Table Clamp Mount, w/Counterbalanced Phoroptor Arm Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $795.00.

    Table clamp Phoroptor stand Adjustable Phoroptor Arm Table Clamp Mount CS-15

    *Table and phoropter sold separately

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  • -17%Limited
    Optimetrics TS-700 Aluminum Tripod Stand w/Counterbalanced Phoropter Arm. Original price was: $1,195.00.Current price is: $995.00.

    Portable Phoroptor Tripod Stand Optimetrics – TS-700

    Phoroptor Tripod Stand includes spring arm for phoroptor

    (Travel case and phoroptor is not included)

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  • Reichert Phoroptor® VRx – Digital Refraction System Call for Price

    (For Export Only)
    (Pickup Only)

    Reichert Phoroptor® VRx – Digital Refraction System

    With its precise engineering and outstanding peformance, the Reichert Ultramatic RX Master Phoroptor has been the leading name in refraction for more than 90 years. The new Auto Phoroptor VRx continues that tradition of excellence by incorporating the superior design and reliability you expect into a fully automated refractor.

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  • -24%Limited
    Used Reichert 11636 Illuminated, – Minus Cylinder Phoropter Original price was: $4,595.00.Current price is: $3,495.00.

    Reichert Illuminated Phoroptor, which combines the legendary operation and construction of the traditional Phoroptor with the added benefit of lighted dials. With this innovative feature, performing refractions in a darkened exam room setting becomes easier and more efficient, eliminating the need for pen lights or turning on the lights throughout the process. The Illuminated Phoroptor ensures clear visibility of the dials while maintaining the desired lighting conditions, providing a seamless and improved experience for practitioners.

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  • Used Topcon VT-10 + cyl plus $2,250.00

    Used Topcon Phoropter VT-10. Minus – cyl

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