• -11%Limited
    2WIN Binocular Mobile Auto-Refractometer/Vision Analyzer Original price was: $6,495.00.Current price is: $5,795.00.

    The smartest way to detect refractive errors and vision problems.

    The 2WIN is a mobile binocular video refractometer and vision analyzer that measures both eyes at the same time, in real life vision conditions. It embodies the best and the most complete technologies to fully detect refractive errors, eye abnormalities and vision problems. It measures in the range of -15D to +15D for automatic measurement of dynamic pupils response to programmable light stimulations, and accurately center spectacle lenses. The 2WIN is capable of detecting Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and other Amblyogenic factors. Additionally, it will provide evidence of sight anomalies that may be related to anisometrapia, anisocoria, strabismus, phorias

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  • EyeSys Vista EyeSys Topography Systems Portable $7,995.00

    High Performance Corneal Topography in the Palm of Your Hand… or on Your Desktop

    Available on backorder

  • Generic Phoropter + cyl $995.00

    Generic Phoropter Beige color + Cyl

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  • -17%Limited
    i-Optik CM-1900C Chart Monitor Original price was: $1,795.00.Current price is: $1,495.00.

    Elegant, narrow and ultra-thin, which highlights the image of the shop window of the

    23-inch LCD monitor, adapts to a variety of optometry environments.

    Visual inspection function in red and green, support Bluetooth,

    original astigmatism axis in infrared line, rapid inspection optotype grade

    according to the optometry distance, finely adjust the lens size.

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  • Kowa SL-19 Hand Held LED Slit Lamp $4,395.00

    10 -15 DAYS LEADTIME

    Lighter than the previous model, the SL-19 weighs 620g and provides easy and versatile operation with a choice of 10x and 16x magnifications and 3 slit widths* (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.8mm). The SL-19 has a variable controlled LED light source from 200 to 20,000 Lux and has a 3-step background light as well as a 3-step blue illumination light. The LED light source provides a much whiter light than ordinary halogen light sources found on traditional instruments. The SL-19 is compact and portable making it ideal for field evaluations, pediatrics, and patients not able to be imaged by a traditional slit lamp. The SL-19 is especially useful in emergency rooms where patient mobility is a challenge, or when switching between consultancy rooms is necessary. Offering cordless operation, the SL-19 is powered by (3) AA rechargeable or dry cell batteries to provide long lasting, continuous operation of the bright LED lamp.

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  • -15%Limited
    Kowa Tonometer HA-2 Hand Held Original price was: $1,295.00.Current price is: $1,095.00.

    Handheld Tonometer Kowa HA-2

    This lightweight and versatile hand-held Tonometer is accurate and affordable. It comes in a small carrying case making it the perfect partner for your domiciliary visits where you need the reliability of a Goldmann type applanation system.

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  • LS-1B Portable slit lamp $2,495.00

    1 Year Warranty – LED Technology


    • Advanced optics, x 10& x 16 magnificatio
    • Controllable illumination from maximum to zero
    • Enhanced portability during examination


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  • -15%Limited
    Luna Plus Hand-held Digital Fundus Camera 16mp Original price was: $6,595.00.Current price is: $5,595.00.

    Microclear Hand-held Digital Fundus Camera 16mp Luna Plus

    Perfect for mission Trips and vision screenings. Hard case included.

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  • Moptim easyRef, Wavefront technology based Refractometer $4,995.00

    Easy refraction screening solution

    • Hartmann-Shack wavefront technology based refractometer
    • Designed for easy refractive screening
    • Measure refractive errors of patients from 6 months old through adults
    • Work under normal interior lighting condition
    • Portable design, easy to carry anywhere


    Available on backorder

  • -12%Limited
    Opti-Chart Digital Visual Acuity Chart Original price was: $1,695.00.Current price is: $1,495.00.

    . Fits any LCD monitor or TV set.

    . No computer needed.

    . Work out of the box, plug and play.

    . Full-functional and multiple charts.

    . RF wireless remote, fluorescent keypad.

    . High definition, up to 1920 X 1080 (HD 1080P).

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  • -17%Limited
    Optimetrics RT-77 Phoropter – cyl Original price was: $2,995.00.Current price is: $2,495.00.

    New Optimetrics RT-77 Manual Phoropter – cyl

    All gears are CNC machined

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  • Optimetrics RT-77 Phoropter + cyl $2,495.00

    New Optimetrics RT-77 Manual Phoropter + cyl

    All gears are CNC machined

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  • -20%Limited
    Optimetrics TC-70 Table Clamp Mount, w/Counterbalanced Phoroptor Arm Original price was: $995.00.Current price is: $795.00.

    Table clamp Phoroptor stand Adjustable Phoroptor Arm Table Clamp Mount CS-15

    *Table and phoropter sold separately

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  • -17%Limited
    Optimetrics TS-700 Aluminum Tripod Stand w/Counterbalanced Phoropter Arm. Original price was: $1,195.00.Current price is: $995.00.

    Portable Phoroptor Tripod Stand Optimetrics – TS-700

    Phoroptor Tripod Stand includes spring arm for phoroptor

    (Travel case and phoroptor is not included)

    1 in stock (can be backordered)

  • -7%Limited
    Portable Hyperion Digital Photo Hand-held Slit Lamp Original price was: $4,295.00.Current price is: $3,995.00.

    Digital Photo Hand-held Slit Lamp Hyperion

    Be used for anterior segment imaging, diagnosis, especially for anterior disease screening.

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  • -11%Limited
    Portable SLM-6M LED Slit-lamp w/Travel case, 2 step mag Original price was: $2,795.00.Current price is: $2,495.00.

    Product structure and composition: Optics body, illumination system and battery. Application Scope: Lesions screening of anterior segment and intraocular part. Usage: This device is suitable for hospitals, medical centers, community health centers, optical shops and other units of the eye disease screening purposes

    This product has a 1 year warranty

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