Athena Hand-held Vision Screener

Hand-held Vision Screener Athena

The Athena vision screener/Auto-refractor is clinically applicable to infants and adults for visual screening and examination. The examinations is in diopters.

Readings include hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus, amblyopia, and other ocular diseases.

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Product Description

Hand-held Vision Screener Athena


1) Binocular diopter measurement.

2) Pupil diameter measurement.

3) Auto operation distance in 1 meter.


1) Quick screening within 1 second.

2) Portable and light in weight.

3) Changeable and rechargeable battery.

4) Report output.


Display screenTouch screen

Operating mode Binocular measurement

Refractive detectionAuto

Working distance 1m

Pupil diameterRange: 2.0mm-9.0mm

Pupil distance Range: 35mm-80mm

SphericalRange:-6.0D~+3.0D Accuracy:±0.25D

Cylindrical Range:-0.00D~3.0D Accuracy:±0.50D

Detection time≤1S

Axis Range:1°~180° Accuracy:±10°

Fixation targetLight and sound

Others Applicable for different screening patterns in infants , children and adults

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