i-Optik AutoRef/Ker/Topography Multi Function Device

Multi Function Auto Eye testing Instrument VX-105

VX105 adopts the established high-precision Shack-Hartmann and Placido technology. It integrates multiple functions such as refraction, keratometry measurement, and topography. It can be used to diagnose cornea status from different angles. Meanwhile, the VX105 device can be used to evaluate the fitting of cornea contact lenses too. It is a multifunctional automatic refraction diagnosis device.

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Product Description

The lens set with tight-arranged dot matrix can capture the refracted light from the human eye more completely, to achieve maximum use rate of the light energy to get an areolar measuring surface with measuring point up to 1,500. Such wide measuring coverage and dense measuring point could get more comprehensive analysis of the human eye and ensure higher accuracy and stability measurement compared to traditional Auto Ref/keratometer.

  • Shack-Hartmann measurement technology.
  • 3D auto tracking and auto measurment.
  • Placido measurment principle, with 6144 measurement points.
  • Keratoconus screening function.
  • Corneal contact lens prescription/fitting evaluation.
  • Day and night vision measurment and comparison.

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