IBEX 2-Step LED Slit Lamp

All IBEX Slit Lamps are specialized LED illuminated biomicroscope that provide a stereoscopic magnified view of the eye structures in crystal clear detail, enabling anatomical diagnoses to be made for a variety of eye conditions. They are precision instruments intended for use, by professionally trained personnel, in the examination of the anterior eye segment from the cornea epithelium to the posterior capsule. They are used to aid in the diagnosis of diseases or trauma in which affects the structural properties of the anterior eye segment.

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Product Description


The magnification can be changed from 1x to 1.6x, by flipping the magnification changing lever from left to right or right to left. The overall magnification power is depended on the selection of the eyepieces (10x or 15x).

  • Objective lens 1x 1.6x 1x 1.6x
  • Eyepiece 10x 10x 15x 15x
  • Total Magnification 10x 16x 15x 24x
  • Magnification field of view (in mm diameter) 20 12.5 14 9




Single Element

Illumination Color


Color Temperature


Minimum Intensity

24,164 lux

Maximum Intensity

More than 1,000,000 lux

Life Hour Rating

More than 10,000 hours

Optical System



Magnification Changer

2-Position Rotating Drum


10x, 15x, 16x, 24x

Ocular Magnifications


Ocular Diameter

14mm Wide-Field Eyepieces

Ocular Diopter Adjustment

± 8 D

Ocular Eye Relief Cups

20mm Telescoping

Convergence Angle

6° Stereo Angle

Standard Features

Slit Width

14mm (Continuous)

Slit Length

14mm (Continuous)

Slit Apertures

0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14mm

Slit Angles

0° – 180°


Cobalt Blue, Green (Red-Free), Heat-Absorbing and Diffusing

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