KALEIDOS plus First and Unique A.I. based Vision Analyzer

Fast and Multifunctional – Objective Refraction has never been so fast and pleasant.

KALEIDOS plus is the only Vision Analyzer that makes a complete binocular measurement of Objective Refraction, Amblyogenic Factors’ Screening and Anterior Segment Anomalies Screening in just 3 seconds. The patient’s eyes are analyzed at the same time in real life vision conditions, with no need of cycloplegic drops.

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Product Description


KALEIDOS plus is powered by EyeROBO®: an A.I. based platform that runs on top patented hardware, combining the widest range of eye examinations and technologies in the market, with a unique high-density storage solution for data management and inter-connectivity, addressed to specialists of the eye-care, eye-fashion and data collection.

Anterior Segment Screening

Anterior Segment Screening function is a complete A.I. system on the cloud for anomalies in the anterior segment of the eye. The A.I. algorithm running on the EyeROBO® platform is based on a Convolutional Neural Network and it has been trained on thousands of pupils.

The pupils’ images acquired by KALEIDOS plus during the measurement are instantly processed by the EyeROBO® platform and, if any anomaly of the anterior segment is detected, a warning is given to the operator with the indication of the eye, if right and/or left.

KALEIDOS plus is the device with the highest ROI in the market

Adaptica is working through business models to leverage the plus Kaleidos has in different fields. Thanks to the business studies we made in the past years, we focused to highlight the point of difference, the strengths the device has. For each field, Kaleidos can help to increase the number of patients that need an examination. This is why we can define Kaleidos as the device with the fastest ROI in the market.


  • Fast and Accurate
  • No need of a skilled operator
  • Reduced exam time
  • Save office space
  • Data Collection: Unlimited CLOUD Storage
  • Immediate Referral: A.I. based screening function of Anterior Segment
  • Suitable for Kids
  • Integrated Refraction System
  • EMR Integration available


  • Fast and accurate: Reduced exam time
  • Portable: suitable for home visits and screening projects
  • Data Collection: Unlimited CLOUD Storage
  • Immediate Referral: A.I. based screening function of Anterior Segment
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for Kids
  • Costs saving
  • EMR Integration available


  • Fully Automatic: anyone can do the measurement independently
  • Immediate Referral: A.I. based screening function of Anterior Segment
  • Fast: Complete measurement in just 3 seconds. Do it while you are in line
  • Easy to use: intuitive application
  • Data collector
  • EMR Integration available


  • Fast and Accurate
  • No need of a skilled operator
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect Marketing tool
  • Reduced exam time
  • Save optical shop space
  • Suitable for Kids


  • Portable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Long-lasting batteries lives
  • Perfect for Screening programs
  • Data Collection: Unlimited CLOUD Storage
  • Immediate Referral: A.I. based screening function of Anterior Segment
  • Light independent, use it everywhere!
  • Suitable for Kids
  • No need of a skilled operator
  • Costs saving
  • EMR Integration available


  • Allows to refract the patient in free posture
  • Fast: just 3’’ measurement
  • Binocular Refraction
  • Portable: take the measurement everywhere
  • No skilled operator needed
  • Data collector

The highest connectivity levels

Thanks to its direct connection to Adaptica Cloud, KALEIDOS plus allows to collect, store and process unlimited amounts of data. Kaleidos Plus provides also EMR integration through shared folder.

The shared folder allows to input patient data from your EMR System directly to KALEIDOS plus. Once the measurement is completed, the exam data and exam report are automatically synchronized with your EMR System.

Portable and fully automatic

KALEIDOS plus is remotely controlled by a user-friendly application running on a dedicated remote console. Its ease of use allows to delegate measurements also to a not specialized operator: the measurement is fully automatic and only requires the operator’s confirmation to start.

KALEIDOS plus, thanks to a practical trolley suitcase, can be transported everywhere. The device serves as a portable dark room that allows the examination in any environment and light condition.

Technical Information


  • Opticians & Optometrists – helps with practice efficiency
  • Ophthalmologists – working with infants, children and getting fast report for adults
  • Pediatricians – can screen infants and children
  • Mission trips – enables large scale screening and exams
  • Data Collection
  • Pharmacies
  • Sport Vision
  • Corporate Clinics – enables workforce screening
  • Schools – enables mass screenings


  • Binocular Refraction
  • Monocular Refraction
  • Pupil Distance
  • Pupil Size
  • Head Tilt
  • Direction of Gaze
  • Phorias and Tropias
  • Anterior Segment Anomalies


  • Fully automated and easy to use
  • A.I. Based
  • Binocular refraction, with early detection of refractive errors
  • Anterior Segment screening
  • EMR compatibility
  • Dedicated tablet control
  • Fast measurement
  • Battery operated
  • No drops required
  • Customizable exam report


  • Operating mode: Binocular/ Monocular
  • Refraction Measurement: Automatic
  • Anterior Segment Screening: A.I. based, automatic
  • Corneal Reflexes: Detection of phorias and tropias up to 30 prism diopters
  • Sphere Range: ±15 D
  • Cylinder Range: ±5 D
  • Cylinder Axis: 1°–180°, step 1°
  • Pupil Size: 4–11 mm, step 0.1 mm
  • Pupil Distance: Automatic detection, 30–120 mm, step 1 mm
  • Fixation Target: Built-in
  • Acoustic Target: Built-in
  • Remote Control: Dedicated Remote Console
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • User Interface: Android application providing remote control, live streaming, data management
  • Data Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, internal microSD card
  • Data Management: Cloud-storage compatible system
  • EMR Integration: Shared folder, customizable
  • Printer Interface: Through the remote console (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, email)
  • Tube Size: 180 x 26 x 14 cm
  • Metal Stand Size: 41 x 44 x 32 cm
  • Max Height Operation system: 129 cm
  • Net Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery pack, 50 Wh
  • Battery Charge: AC/DC medical power supply 18V, 40W

Additional Information

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