Leica Wild M690 Microscope


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The Leica Wild M-690 is an an ophthalmic surgical microscope, providing high contract and detail imaging. The M-690 has a 1:5 zoom magnification changer and focusing system, both of these are driven by electrical motors and are controlled by foot pedals. The Leica system comes with built-in illumination technology that links the book magnification to the field-of view. This fully illuminated the the magnifications and increases the intensity of the light for to help the surgeon keep focus.

The stand is 72 inches tall (183 cm) and enables the surgical microscope to be brought to the surgical table. With with four double rollers underneath the stand it makes it easier to move. The Leica Wild M-690 surgical Microscope can be fully customized to fit your suit needs.

Optical Features:

  • Sharp Optical View
  • Zoom adjustment: from 2x to 14x
  • Pupillary Distance: 55mm – 75mm
  • High Resolution, Internal, MotorizedFocus and Zoom
  • 0-180 Degree Inclinable Binocular with 10 x 21 Widefield Eyepieces
  • 1:5 Magnification Ratio
  • Tillable Joint for Varying Optical Angle
  • Magnification of the eyepieces: 10x
  • Objective lens: f=300 mm
  • Adjustment of zoom and focus displacement speed


  • Two Halogen Bulb System for Immediate Back-up
  • X & Y Travel Range of 4 × 4 inches
  • Automatic Centering Button
  • Inclinable binocular tube 0-180°
  • Manual Override of Motorized Zoom
  • Variable Motorized Focus – 50mm Range
  • Binocular: 0-180 Inclinable ; f=170mm | Other options: 10-50 Degree ; f=170mm
  • Objective Lens: 175mm, 200mm with red reflex enhancer
  • Magnification: Motorized 1:5
  • Focus: Motorized with 50mm travel
  • Adjustable Spring Tension for Rotation of Arms

This Leica Wild M690 Microscope comes equipped with:

  • 6 Month warranty
  • Foot pedal
  • Dust cover

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