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The LightLas YAG is the world´s most popular and widely applied laser photodisruptor in posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures, combining unparalleled functionality, safety and versatility with unmatched value.

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Product Description


  • Superior Crystal-Q Switch Laser Cavity
  • Slitlamp Integrated System
  • 5 Step Magnification Changer
  • ± 500 µm YAG posterior/anterior offset
  • Wide Field Optics
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) mode upgradeable
  • Auto Calibration Mode


Safe, reliable and user-friendly design

The LightLas YAG is made to exceed expectations of most disceming physicians for optimum performance in office or OR.

– Beam Splitter free design introduces astigmatism and color distortion free viewing

– Smart modular design assures better tratment and enhances faster and easier maintenance

– Large and conveniently located controls assure easier and undisturbed use of the laser under all treatment conditions

– Sophisticated electronics and laser firing mechanisms assure high duty cycle operation and greater durability

– Double coated safety filters assure greater patient and physician safety

Fully Integrated Slit Lamp Design

The LightLas YAG is integrated into a high quality slit lamp, capable for precise treatment or to function as feature-packed examination slit lamp

– Superb quality optics

– Large, undistorted field of view

– Exceptional design allowing short working distance from eye pieces to objective (reducing back strain for holding the lens) and with greater space from objetive to patient eye (for convenient treatment lens positioning)

– Externally mounted Chin rest enhances positioning and comfort of the patients

Upgradable to SLT Combo, Dual & Tri laser

The Lightlas YAG uniquely upgrades with the selective laser Trebeculoplasty (SLT) feature, to funtion as a YAG/SLT workstation within the same integrated slit lamp – Integrates with the LightLas 532, LightLas 577, LightLas 810 lasers forming a powerful and complete Photocoagulator/Photodisruptor workstation

– Space saving system with effidency of integrated laser station

– Lower cost of ownership assure unmatched economies of scale

– Increased practice and clinical scope

Integrated five-positions magnification changer

The system is supplied with an integrated five-position magnification changer that provides great flexibility for diagnostic and treatment. This dever and ergonomic design allows optimal viewing of fine structures and wide field view of the retina.

– Convenient working distance

– Better diagnosis

Crystal Q-Switch laser cavity technology

The LightLas YAG features industry´s most advanced design Crystal Q-Switch Laser cavity technology, ensuring low energy optical breakdown, assuring precise energy delivery and stability

– Superb life-span

– Efficient and stable energy delivery

– Enhanced clinical precision

Quality precision optics

The LightLas YAG features excellent quality components and high-resolution slit lamp optics, optimized for anterior segment procedures Whereas the beam splitter free design with internally coated safety optics as opposed to fixed safety filters, assure unmatched procedural viewing clarity and a larger field of view compared most contemporary lasers in the market

Industry´s largest YAG offset setting 500 m

The LightLas YAG features the industry´s best posterior/anterior offset setting, continously variable 500 micron assuring greater clinical flexibility and safety

– Eliminate lens pitting

– Allows lens polishing

Precision with ease

The LightLas YAG uses a dual beam fine-focusing aiming beam system where both beams converge together at the focal target area creating a sharp and easily readable spot. The design assures a high degree of precision yet offers the comfort of effortless laser adjustments.

Weight 21 lbs

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