Lightmed TruScan Laser 532 w/ Slitlamp,LCD Remote Control


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Pattern Scanning Multi-Wavelength Laser

LIGHTLas TruScan is the next generation of Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulators.

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Product Description

TruScan initiates the next generation of LightMed’s most ambitious ophthalmic laser family. The newly released mk-2 system features single and dual wavelengths with an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Treatment outcomes are enhanced by pattern scanning laser delivery technology in traditional continuous wave (CW) and tissue friendly sub-threshold modalities, assuring exceptional clinical precision, speed, and versatility.

LightMed’s customary business model, offering “industry’s unmatched value lasers,” is again reinforced with the TruScan, making it the most featured and price competitive laser in its market segment.


Available with a choice of single or dual wavelengths (532nm Green, 577nm True-Yellow, 670nm Red and 810nm Infrared), TruScan can cater for traditional or highly specialized clinical needs in all types of practices.


TruScan offers the largest range of customizable patterns, assuring safer and more convenient application of the treatment laser, whether it is for rapid treatment or particular pathology. Superb optical design and laser cavity technology assure the highest standards of energy density, speed, and precision. Pattern scanning photocoagulation significantly enhances the conventional treatment outcomes and patient comfort levels.


This superb traditional photocoagulation is complemented by LightMed’s tissue friendly sp-mode™ function, permitting treatment at sub-threshold level while offering safe, versatile, and repeatable management of retinal disorders and glaucoma.

The technology induces relaxation duty cycles by chopping a continuous wave to microsecond pulses, thus reducing the laser-induced thermal tissue damage and laser side-effects.

AVAILABLE WAVELENGTHS 532nm | 532nm / 670nm | 532nm / 810 nm
577nm | 577nm / 670nm | 577nm / 810nm

(on cornea)

Yellow: 2W | Infrared 3W | Red: 700mW | Green: 2W
MODE OF OPERATION Continuous Wavelength
LASER TYPE Optically Pumped Dual Diode Solid State
EXPOSURE DURATION 0.01s – 3.0s, continuously variable
REPEAT INTERVAL 0.01 to 3.0s, and single
sp-mode™ Setting

(disengaged in 670nm)

sp-mode™ Duration: 150μs-600µs (50µs increments)
sp-mode™ Duty Cycle: 7.5%-30% (2.5% increments)
sp-mode™ Period: 1400µs-1850µs (50µs increments)

(disengaged in 670nm and 810nm mode)

Single, Line,
Square (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5)
Macular Arc (Single, double, triple, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4)
Circle and Triangle – Spot width, density and 360 degree rotation available for each pattern
SPOT SIZE Single: spot Continuously variable 50μm to 1000μm
Scanning Patterns: Continuously variable 100μm to 500μm
AIMING LASER Red laser diode (635nm – 650 nm) 0.1 – 1.0mW continuously variable


Fan cooled and TEC’s for Laser Diode and Crystal

(Console Only)

12 cm (H) x 38 cm (W) x 40 cm (D)
4.7″ x 15.0 ” x 15.7″

(System on Table)

75 cm (H) x 120 cm (W) x 42 cm (D)
29.5″ x 47.2″ x 16.5″

(Console on Trolley)

90 cm (H) x 45 cm (W) x 46 cm (D)
35.4″ x 17.7″ x 18.1″


Laser Console: 10 kg / 22 lb.
System on Table: 92 kg / 202.4 lb.
System on Trolley: 72 kg / 158.4 lb.


Ultra-High Performance Laser Engine Technology

TruScan utilizes highly innovative laser technology, assuring supreme standards of performance and versatility with up to 10 times a higher life span than its competitors.

One of the TruScan greatest hidden features is its diffusion bonding laser cavity design, utilizing advanced coating elements that are applied to the laser optical components. This proprietary and patented technology maintains peak stability and durability under high stress conditions.

This is a vital advantage over contemporary pattern scanning systems, as laser delivery in sub-threshold or pattern scanning mode requires usage of the laser at high energy levels, forcing the laser to work at its maximum loads.

Superb Energy Distribution Enhancing Treatment Outcomes

The innovative laser technology and superb optical design of the TruScan assure accurate power delivery and precise energy density distribution across the treatment area in both single and pattern scanning mode.

It has been common practice for other pattern-scanning lasers to compromise their treatment speed by poor laser efficacy, creating a cumulative energy defect or delivering uneven energy within the treated (laser scanned) area. TruScan produces excellent spot size precision with accurate energy distribution across every spot size, regardless of the mode of operation.

The all-new digitally controlled instant-duty cycle circuitry allows for a quick laser energy feedback loop that monitors each shot, and instantly adjusts for stable output, enhancing treatment safety and clinical outcomes.

Sub-Threshold Photocoagulation In Single & Pattern Mode

TruScan can be used in traditional continuous wavelength (CW) and sp-mode™ (sub-threshold photocoagulation) treatment modalities, allowing conventional and next-gen approach for effective management of retinal diseases and glaucoma.

The sp-mode™ is the latest evolution in LightMed laser photocoagulators, offering a promising approach to achieve optimum clinical outcomes while eliminating laser-induced thermal tissue damage and treatment side effects. This technology allows for a broader range of treatment choices. Ongoing studies demonstrate that this product is highly effective, and has the ability to treat disorders at a much earlier stage. It also has the possibility of repeatable treatment in retinal applications and glaucoma.

TruScan uniquely permits the use of its sub-threshold mode in single and pattern scanning treatment. This offers the possibility of enhancing the clinical efficacy of the tissue friendly procedure, as it generally does not produce a visible burn mark.

The sp-mode™ is not a replacement to conventional continuous wavelength (CW) photocoagulation, but a very variable complement.When added with the pattern scanning modality and multi-wavelength options, the TruScan becomes a very powerful tool for the most discerning physician.

sp-mode™ treatment has demonstrated great efficacy on a large number of clinical applications including:

  • Diabetic macular edema.
  • Macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion.
  • Proliferative and non proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
  • Sub-threshold laser trabeculoplasty.
    • Used to reduce intraocular pressure in primary open angle glaucoma.
    • Similar outcomes to conventional microsecond-width pulse laser trabeculoplasty.

sp-mode™ sub-threshold photocoagulation clinical highlights include:

  • Possibly of treatments in the macular region as due to fovea- friendly properties.
  • Photocoagulation is painless with a 10-fold safety margins increase compared to traditional CW laser photocoagulation.
  • More efficient treatment with reduced risk of post-op complications.
  • Less destruction of healthy tissue allowing for repeatable retinal and glaucoma treatment.
  • Can be used in very early stages of the disease improving visual outcomes and offering greater range of treatment options.
  • Stimulates the RPE to function better, and naturally releases the cytokines that modify the genetic expression and the production of VEGFs.
    • Demonstrating high efficacy as first mode of treatment in retinal disease.
Four Customizable Wavelength Option

TruScan is the only laser in its class with a choice of 4 customizable wavelength options in single or dual configurations. It includes conventional continuous wave (CW) and sub-threshold modes in single spot or pattern scanning delivery.

LightMed’s TruScan is also the only laser in the market that allows the physician to acquire the system with a single wavelength and to later add an additional wavelength of choice. Typical TruScan wavelengths configurations include:

  • 532nm Green
  • 577nm Yellow
  • 532nm Green / 670nm Red
  • 577nm Yellow / 670nm Red
  • 532nm Green / 810nm Infrared
  • 577nm Yellow / 810nm Infrared

Since each of the laser wavelengths offer diverse and unique absorption properties, the system can easily adapt to traditional or highly specialized fields.

The laser console is easily detachable, meaning that it can be conveniently used as traditional laser with endo-probes and LIO. Furthermore, this makes the TruScan the most versatile and powerful laser photocoagulator package in the market.

Largest selection of customizable patterns & spot sizes

TruScan offers the largest selection of automated delivery patterns indicated for most pathologies. Each of the selected patterns can be altered by size, density, separation, and rotation through intuitive on-screen commands. Every selection is guided by the micro-joystick, assuring precise target positioning.

TruScan parfocal spot sizes are easily adjusted through continuously variable control, varying from 50µm to 1000µm (100µm to 500µm in pattern scanning mode), offering a great range of treatment spot size for precise clinical requirement.

The pattern scanning galvanic system is controlled by sophisticated software, assuring constant and accurate spot control and automatically enabling or limiting the choice of available patterns based on selected treatment power and spot size. This prevents accidental selection of patterns for incorrect pathology, and assures the user cannot fire the laser in undesired conditions.

The intensity of the aiming beam reduces to 50% during laser application, allowing the physician to precisely observe the tissue reaction during treatment.

Ultra Fast Highly Accurate Treatment

TruScan is the fastest and most accurate pattern scanning system in the market. The superb dual-galvo scanning system delivers a grid of 25 laser shots in 274 milliseconds (1/4 second), enhancing treatment speed and procedure workflow.

The new generation software, with instant-duty cycle feedback loop, continuously monitors the laser stability, assuring high-energy delivery precession for each spot.

The advanced optical design and laser cavity assure quick and precise treatment, enhancing procedure outcomes through speed and safety.

  • Treatment speed is particularly important when treating patients suffering from uncontrollable eye movement (i.e. Diplopia).
  • Enhances practice workflow allowing a PRP procedure to be done in 5 -7 minutes (typically consisting of 2000 – 3000 laser shots).

Smart Joystick Manipulator for fingertip controls

The integrated micro-joystick provides superb fingertip precision for positioning and control of treatment spots and patterns.

The intelligent design achieves a unique sense of control, enhancing treatment experience, speed, and precision.

Advanced LCD Touch screen interface

TruScan features an intuitive, large 11.6” back lit color LCD touch screen, packed with numerous easy menus, allowing for convenient selection of laser scan patterns and treatment settings.

The LCD interface functions on a Windows-embedded platform, designed to allow greater personalization of the system with the ability to store and retrieve personal data such as clinical protocols and system manuals.

The control system and interface design highlights include:

  • Customizable treatment parameters and functions.
  • User-friendly interface with language customization.
  • Built in patient database capability.
  • Preferred treatment settings storage.
  • Unlimited user selections.
  • Build in help and system manuals.
  • Windows platform operating system for easy connectivity with practice management system.

Ergonomic, integrated and portable design for O.R & Office

TruScan was designed to serve as a highly versatile laser for use in clinical and O.R. environments. The system is configured as a slit lamp & table integrated package with sophisticated and intuitive functions. The laser console easily detaches from the table, and can serve as easily portable O.R. laser solution. The ergonomic design highlights include:

  • Superb quality slit lamp integrated scanning system
    • Modified optics especially for retinal laser procedures.
    • Offers unique sense of control with extended working space (less back strain to hold the laser lens and more room to work with patient)
    • Achieves a clear visualization and enlarged view of the retina due to superb filter coating.
    • Easily detachable laser console for use as portable laser in O.R.
    • Comes with convenient remote control for use in O.R. or for use with attachment mode.
  • Dual port laser connection for uncompromised use of the TruScan
  • LIO, Endo or other delivery devices:
    • Optional hospital cart to enhance laser console portability.
    • Highly practice for use in O.R. environments.
    • Space saving option if used as laser console only device.

The laser system can also be configured as a single portable laser console. It is available with standard delivery devices such as Slit Lamp Attachment, LIO, ENO. The TruScan can also serve in combination with other LightMed lasers, such as the YAG and SLT for maximized space and cost efficiencies.

Wireless foot pedal with power control function

TruScan comes with a wireless foot pedal, facilitating its positioning and reducing cable clutter.

This foot pedal allows for easy adjustment of treatment power settings.

The smart and ergonomic design allows for a hands-free operation and an uninterrupted procedure for increased visual focus. This system provides audible alerts during energy adjustments with the foot pedal, assuring adequate attention span during treatment.

Ultra long-life battery assures minimum 7-year operating time (also provided with standard cable in case of battery failure or wireless interruptions).

Weight 1 lbs

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