LS-5C Digital Photo/Video Slit Lamp

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Clarity and more comfortable
Using the upgraded optical design, the optical effect is better, the optical effect is more than 15% higher
than the traditional design, and the cell-level lesions can also be captured.

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Product Description

  • Super deep depth of field
    The col lector has an high depth of field effect,
    which ensures one image can capture more
    tissue lesions. Supplemented by front diaphragm
    controller, enjoy more depth of field effects
  • Professional management software
    rich picture post-processing function meet the
    clinical requirements,
    intuitive support for one-click export, data transfer
    is more convenient.
  • PWM light control
    Using PWM pulse modulation to control the
    brightness of the light source
    Regardless of the brightness, always ensure the
    stability of the light source color
  • Coaxial background light
    Soft coaxial background light satisfies the operator
    befare photography Panoramic observer
  • Stepless Dimming
    Base with stepless dimming, which can fine
    adjust the brightness,
    more comfortable for the client;
    can control the brightness with one hand,
    more convenient operation.
  • Comfortable light source
    LEO light source, no need to replace the bulb for
    1O years, using warm yellow light source, the lesions
    are not whitened, more comfortable examination.
  • Protect eyes
    lnfrared/ultraviolet filters are specially designed in the
    slit lamp lighting,which can protect the eyes of the doctor
    and patient at all times in daily use.

The main parameters

Optical design type: Galileo type. Light control mode: stepless dimming on the base
Magnification Changer: Revolving Drum. Digital indication mode: cross-type dividing panel
Eyepiece: 12.5X. Digital collector: built-in professional level medica
Magnification: 6X, 1 0X, 16X, 25X, 40X. Collector with 20 million pixels
Diopter compensation range: + 7D. Background light: Coaxial background light
lnterpupillary distance range: 52mm-85mm. Software system: embedded adaptive software
Visual diameter: 6x(cp33) ; 10x(cp22) ; 16x(cp14) ; 1. Embedded software
25x(cp8.5) ; 40x(cp5.5)mm. 2. lmage acquisition
Slit width: 0mm~14mm. 3. Automatic recognition of OD&OS
Slit height: 1mm~14mm. 4. lmage processing
Slit angle: horizontal rotation 0º – 180º. 5. lmage marking
Slit Tilting Angle: 5º , 1 Oº , 15º , 20º. 6. lmage comparison
Spot diameter: cpü.2, cp1, cp3, cp5, cp1 O, cp14(mm). 7. Print the report
Color filters: heat absorption, grey filter, red-free, cobalt blue Light source: Warm color LEO bulb. 8. Export the image

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 25 × 18 in


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