Marco B2 Slit Lamp

The new Marco B2 slit lamp is a product defined by one simple objective – to provide a practical, efficient instrument that meets the needs of everyday clinical examinations. With a unique combination of quality, features, and most importantly, value, the new B2 is a perfect choice for the practitioner looking for a comprehensive slit lamp that effectively fits into any practice environment.

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Product Description

LED Fixation Target

  • Patient fixation target is a red LED on a continuously flexible shrouded cable.


  • Self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly

Parallel/Galilean Optics

  • Parallel (Galilean) Type Binocular Stereomicroscope

Cable Free Design

  • Completely integrated (cable free), low voltage electronic system

Exam Lane Ready

  • The new B2, as well as our selection of Ultra M Series slit lamps, integrate comfortably with our extensive portfolio of exam lane packages. Contact Marco to learn more about our complete selection of Classical, as well as technology-driven products

Marco B2 Slit Lamp Specs

Optical System

  • Binoculars Type Galilean Parallel (8 Degree Converging)
  • Magnification 10x, 16x, 25x
  • Eyepiece 12.5x
  • Field of View 22, 14, 8.5 mm
  • PD Range 49-77 mm
  • Diopter Adjust -8 to +8 D
  • Objective Lens Focal Distance 107 mm
  • Objective Lens Convergence Angle 13 Degrees

Slit Projection System & Base

  • Slit Width 0-14 mm Continuously Variable
  • Slit Length 14 mm
  • Aperture Diameters 0.2, 1 mm Square, 2, 3, 5, 9, 14
  • Filters Clear, Red Free, Neutral Density, Blue, Yellow, Pop-Up Diffuser Lens
  • Slit Rotation 360 Degree Continuous, Detents at 0 Degrees and 180 Degrees
  • Base Travel 25 mm Z-Axis, 107 mm X-Axis, 110 mm Y-Axis
  • Horizontal Fine Adjustment 12 mm
  • Chinrest Elevation Adjustment 70 mm
  • Table Top Dimensions 405 x 500 mm
  • Fixation Lamp Flexible LED
  • Light Source LED


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