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Our Ultra M2 slit lamp uses parallel (galilean) type binocular stereomicroscope and compact/horizontal for light source configuration (background illumination optional). The M2 conventional slit lamp features blue, red-free, blue LED correction light filters, 3 power magnifications (10x, 16x, 25x), in a 3 position rotating drum for magnification change and 16x wide-field, high-eyepoint eye pieces.

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Product Description

LED Fixation Target

  • Patient fixation target is a red LED on a continuously flexible shrouded cable.

Parallel/Galilean Optics

  • Parallel (Galilean) Type Binocular Stereomicroscope

3 Power Optics

  • 3 Power Magnifications (10x, 16x, 25x), in a 3 Position Rotating Drum for Magnification Change and 16x wide-field, high-eyepoint eye pieces.


  • Self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly

Cable Free Design

  • Completely integrated (cable free), low voltage electronic system

LED Illumination

  • The new LED illumination, with a color temperature of 3500 K, allows greater visibility and clarity of anatomy and tissue structure, with brighter and sharper light. A single element, high-luminance LED provides a beautifully consistent and uniform light compared to multiple element LEDs.

3 Power Optics

  • The M2 features 3-power Parallel / Galilean optics. The aperture diameter of the slit length has been extended, from 10mm to 14mm (continuously variable from 0-14mm), allowing a wider area of anterior segment illumination and also a wider field of view.

Cable Free Design

  • The Ultra M Slit Lamps are neat and compact with no exposed wiring, giving them a noticeably sleek and stylish appearance. Contemporary and durable finishes have been selected both for lasting application and patient appeal.

Self Contained Headrest

  • A self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly with a comfortable expanded chin rest design for easier patient access.

Marco Ultra M2 Slit Lamp Specs

Technical Details

  • Type Binocular Stereomicroscope Parallel (Galilean)
  • Light Source LED
  • Light Source Configuration Compact/Horizontal
  • Background Illumination Not standard (option only)
  • Light Filters Blue, Red-free, Blue LED Correction
  • Slit Width 0-14mm continuous variable
  • Aperture Diaphragm Diameter (Ø) 14, 8, 5, 3, 0.3mm
  • Total # Power Magnifications 3 (10x, 16x, 25x)
  • Magnification Change 3 Position Rotating Drum
  • Eye Pieces 16x wide-field, high-eyepoint
  • Real Field of View (Ø) 23.3mm, 14mm, 8.8mm
  • Interpupillary Adjustment 52-82mm
  • Diopter Adjustment Range (+/-) 7 Diopters
  • Horizontal Coarse Movement 105mm
  • Horizontal Fine Movement 15mm
  • Vertical Movement 30mm
  • Fixation Light Source Red LED on Flexible Arm
  • Large Patient Chin Rest Not standard (option only)
  • Chinrest Elevation 85mm


  • Power Supply AC100V-240V (+/-10%)
  • Power Consumption DC5V 2A


  • Mass (Approximate) 11kg
Weight 0.000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 in

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