Ocufy Wide Universal Slit-lamp Smart Phone Adapter

With OCUFY® WIDE or SYS you will be able to obtain high-quality photos and videos, perform live consultations with other colleagues, as well as be able to record and live stream surgeries and particular cases using your smartphone’s internet connection.

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Product Description

Ocufy Wide Universal Slit-lamp Smart Phone Adapter for All Slit-lamps

The most practical and simple solutions to obtain high-quality images and videos from your slit-lamp and microscope. We present to you OCUFY\u00aeSYS and OCUFY\u00aeWIDE, easy, fast and affordable smartphone adapters. We invented a smartphone adapter to enhance your practice without obstructing your workflow. Once installed, it works as one smartphone adapter for microscopes and slit lamps

Focused on improving the local practice experience.
It takes all the best features of the original OCUFY®SYS but in a landscape format. This makes it ideal to mount it on a slit lap or microscope and stream the image or video to a bigger screen

All the goodness of the OCUFY®SYS..
but in Landscape Mode.

Build yourself an affordable and reliable video system.
Use the OCUFY®WIDE with a smartphone and stream to a TV or monitor.

Our original product with patented pivot mechanism.
The pivot design makes it easy to move away from the eye piece without obstructing your workflow.
It’s portrait format makes it ideal to get that perfect photo or video and share it directly via social media apps that use the portrait format.

Patented pivot mechanism
We created a smartphone adapter that can swivel away from the eye piece and go back keeping the camera focused.

Magnetic Surface
Our goal was to make it fast and easy to digitize a slit lamp. With the Pivot Mechanism and Magnetic Surface for securing your smartphone we achieved it.

Capture the image fast. Share it with the patient.
OCUFY® Wide and Sys make it very easy to show your patients the images captured at the moment.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in