Oculus Universal Trial Frame UB 3+

Oculus Universal Trial Frame UB 3+

The refraction classic gets a new design

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Oculus Universal Trial Frame UB 3+

Subjective refraction is even simpler and more comfortable with the OCULUS Universal Trial Frame UB 3+ – a real step forward for refractionists and clients alike. Not only is the UB 3+ exceptionally lightweight; all of its operating elements have been ergonomically shaped, and every detail designed with functionality in mind.

The new Universal Trial Frame has a chic and modern appearance, further emphasizing the skill of the refractionist. One thing will never change though, and that’s OCULUS’ signature quality. The OCULUS UB 3+ is also 100 % made in Germany. All 218 individual components are assembled by hand so that every tiny detail is perfect.

  • Black,light-weight metal/plastic,5 pair of lenses,Independent right & left adjustment of PD (48-80 mm).
  • Bridge height & inclination operates by a rack and pinion.
  • Vertex distance scale.
  • Sides adjustable for length and angle.
  • The low-set hinges allow easy insertion of lenses into the rear lens cells.

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