Optimetrics Surgical Stool SS-700


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New Optimetrics Brand Surgical Stool

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Product Description


– Dynamic Seat That Helps You Maintain a Healthy Torso Posture

The brand new Dynamic Seating System is a seat with excellent functionality. Thanks to its unique and ergonomic design, it gives you the most comfortable all-round support and fits your body lines perfectly when you sit on it. Through its flexible manual levers and foot-control ring, you can adjust the position of the seat and backrest most handily. This chair provides you with the ultimate experience of extra comfort and enables you to work wholeheartedly that will ensure the best treatment service for your patients

– Healthy Sitting Posture

This chair is specially designed for ergonomic needs. It helps to prevent the C-shaped spine injury. Firstly you need to adjust yourself to proper torso posture which is called “motion posture”. When you sit with your arms above your knees, lean the backrest forward slightly using the handy manual lever and your body will bend forward, and your spine can maintain a healthy S-shape. Sitting on the dynamic seat, you will experience the ultimate comfort and its excellent dynamic function.

– Foot control Ring

Adjust the height of the seat through the foot control ring in an easy way!


– Adjustment Functions

A proper sitting posture can reduce the pressure on the joints and spine and improve the blood circulation of the feet and limbs.

Dynamic Seating System

The flexible seating, with three layers provides you with comfortable support when you shift and move on the seat.

1. The upper layer is made of high rebound foam that ensures your comfort.

2. The middle layer is an elastic sub-plate that forms the body support surface.

3. The lower layer is an elastic holder that supports forceful movements on the seat.


– Swiveling armrests:

The armrest can swivel by 45°; the armrest bracket can swivel by 180°; the adjustable height range of the armrests is 6 CM.


– Tilting Seat:

The seat can recline and lean forward between 30°. When users adjust the seat to your most suitable angle, it allows the body weight center to shift from the seat to the feet for better blood circulation and provides support for the lower lumbar spine.


– Streamlined Backrest:

The backrest can recline and lean forward between 45°. It gives supports to your spine and improves your blood circulation.


– Manual Adjustment Levers:

Get the best position of the seat that suits you the most using the manual adjustment levers!

  • Specification

  1. Seat: L 19″ x 18″

  2. Backrest:15″ x 14″

  3. Armrest:L 11″ x W 4″

  4. Gas Lift:16″

  5. Material Leather: Imported Hand stitch Micro Fiber Leather

  6. Upholstery:High Density PU Forming+Plastic Injection Molding

  7. Seat Base: Anti-explosion Plastic + Metal Switch

  8. Five-star-claw:Thicken Aluminum

  9. Foot controlled Ring: Aluminum

  10. Color : Sapphire Blue

Weight 80 lbs

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