Optimetrics Trial Frame


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MTF-1 Optimetrics Trial Frame

PD SCALE: 54mm-70mm
New weight: 48g
4 pieces trial lenses can be inserted at each side
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Product Description

Optimetrics Trial Frame

The trial frame has several knuckle screws adjustments which make it possible to adapt the frame to various shapes of patients’ heads. In the frame there are two clips, each of which can hold up to four lenses so as to combine an appropriate diopter for each eye.

The axis of cylindrical lenses and prism lenses can be changed by turning the knuckle screws and the position of axis can be determined from the circular scale on both sides of the frame, which read 0 on the left of the horizontal meridian, 180 on the right and 90 on the vertical meridian.

By turning the knuckle screws on both sides of the upper bar the patient’s pupil distance can be adjusted. By turning the knuckle screw. In the middle of the frame a comfortable nose fit can be attained.

Specifications: Technical Indexes

1.Range of PD adjustments: PD of both eyes:48~80mm;Left or right PD:24~40mm;Minimum Calibration Value:1mm.
2. Axial calibration on each disc: Left disc:120°~0°~135°,Right disc: 45°~180°~60°,Axial calibration increases counter clockwise along the lens frame axis, and the calibration distance is 5.
3. Inner diameter of lens frame: Φ32.5mm
4. The Number of lens which can be inserted into left or right lens frame simultaneously: 4 pieces
5. Degree of lens rotating around optical axis in the lens frame: 360°
6. Non-parallelism degree between lens’ optical axis and lens frame’s geometric axis: ≤2.5°
7. Non-concentricity between lens’ optical center and lens frame geometric center: ≤0.5mm
8. Displacement of lens in relation to position of lens frame geometric center: ≤0.3mm
9. Range of nose pad adjustment: Length:0~14mm;Angle:0°~30°
10. Range of left or right lens frame leg’s length adjustment: 98mm~135mm
11. Maximum interval between left and right lens frame legs: 200mm
12. Weight: 72g
Weight 1.000000 lbs
Dimensions 6.000000 × 6.000000 × 6.000000 in

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