Sonomed VuMAX™ II UBM


High Frequency Ultrasound System including CPU, 19″ LCD, Water-Path Probe, 35MHz Transducer, Keyboard/Mouse, Footswitch, Immersion Cups, Gantry Arm, USB Video Printer and Operator Manual.

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The VuMAX™ II has widely been recognized as the gold standard UBM throughout the world for seaveral years, earning the trust of leading ophthalmologists around the world. The VuMAX II provides outstanding image quality allowing clear visualization and analysis of structures, including dynamic motion such as lens accommodation.

The VuMAX II has proven to be a critical tool for several needs, including:

  • Glaucoma Management. Evaluate causes of narrow angles, assess permeability of trabeculectomy and conjuctival bleb, visualize Schlemm’s Canal and other structures.
  • ICL Sizing an Post-Operative Evaluation. Accurately measure sulcus-to-sulcus distance to properly size ICL lens and evaluate lens position and vault post-operatively.
  • Dynamic Motion. Visualize entire anterior segment, enabling changes occurring during the process of accommodation and changes in pupil size.
  • High Resolution Imaging of Entire Anterior Segment. Visualize and assess tumors, cysts, trauma, uveitis in conditions in which media is opaque, and clearly see posterior to iris, parns plana, ciliary body, and more.

Also available with optional posterior B-scan imaging modality, the VuMAX II has proven to be an invaluable diagnostic imaging tool.

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