Pre-Owned Topcon KR-8000

The cutting edge in Auto Kerato-Refractometry. Enjoy faster, more precise, and totally reliable diagnostic results in a compact instrument that lets you make the most of your examination facilities. Superior optics, combined with state-of-the-art electronics technology, enables the KR-8000 to offer unmatched quality of performance with the widest possible range of refraction and keratometry measurements and objective testing capability.

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Product Description

Ergonomically-designed chinrest: A newly-designed round-shaped chinrest provides you space if you must open up your patient’s eyelids. Elderly patients and patients who have trouble maintaining stable fixation are more comfortable and therefore no longer difficult to measure.
Auto shut-down: To conserve energy and prevent any build-up of heat from electronic circuitry, the 8000 series incorporate an automated function to shut down the instrument when left unused for more than 10 minutes.
Automatic PD measurement: For binocular readings, PD measurements are performed automatically; the values obtained are stored in the patient’s data file and printed out together with the results of objective tests.
Corneal diameter measurement: Corneal diameter can be measured either during testing of the patient or later by recalling an image of the cornea on the monitor. Measurements can be obtained for both eyes, with the data recorded on the printouts if required.
Control panel: An ergonomically designed cluster of touch-switches on the control panel enables fast selection among modes and functions, with unmatched simplicity of operation.
Printing measurement results: A complete printout of test results for record purposes can be accomplished with one touch of the print switch. The operator can choose among four data formats.
Simultaneous measurement of corneal curvature
The KR-8000 enables precise measurements of corneal.

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