Used Reichert 11636 Illuminated, – Minus Cylinder Phoropter

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Reichert Illuminated Phoroptor, which combines the legendary operation and construction of the traditional Phoroptor with the added benefit of lighted dials. With this innovative feature, performing refractions in a darkened exam room setting becomes easier and more efficient, eliminating the need for pen lights or turning on the lights throughout the process. The Illuminated Phoroptor ensures clear visibility of the dials while maintaining the desired lighting conditions, providing a seamless and improved experience for practitioners.

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Product Description

Used Reichert 11636 Illuminated, – Minus Cylinder Phoropter,

Comes complete with New Near point rod, Rotochart & Holder. accesory lenses and dust cover

Product Features:

– Lighted dials: The Illuminated Phoroptor features lighted dials for the sphere, cylinder power, and cylinder axis scales, ensuring highly visible and easy-to-read information in a darkened refracting environment.
– Cool-running and energy-efficient LEDs: The Phoroptor utilizes cool-running and energy-efficient LEDs that illuminate only the necessary information without affecting the darkened setting, providing clear visibility while maintaining the desired lighting conditions.
– Patented LED design: The Illuminated Phoroptor incorporates a patented LED design, offering maintenance-free illumination. Unlike traditional bulbs that require periodic replacement, the LEDs in the Phoroptor do not need to be changed, ensuring a hassle-free experience for practitioners.
– Trusted functionality and durability: The Illuminated Phoroptor maintains the trusted functionality and durability of the Phoroptor, a renowned instrument in the field of optometry. It upholds the high standards of operation and construction that have made the Phoroptor a staple in eye care practices.

Product Benefits:

– Improved visibility in a darkened setting: The lighted dials of the Illuminated Phoroptor provide clear visibility and ease of reading, enabling practitioners to perform refractions in a darkened exam room without the need for additional lighting tools.
– Enhanced efficiency and convenience: With the Illuminated Phoroptor, practitioners can seamlessly conduct refractions in a darkened environment, eliminating the inconvenience of using pen lights or turning on lights during the process. This saves time and enhances the overall efficiency of the examination.
– Maintenance-free operation: The patented LED design of the Phoroptor ensures long-lasting and maintenance-free illumination, eliminating the need for bulb replacements and reducing operational downtime.

Technical Details:

– Lighted dials for sphere, cylinder power, and cylinder axis scales
– Utilizes cool-running and energy-efficient LEDs
– Patented LED design for maintenance-free operation



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