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Haag-Streit Perkins Mk3

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Perkins Mk3

Hand-Held Applanation Tonometer


The Perkins Mk3 hand-held applanation tonometer combines the same proven accuracy as the clinically trusted Perkins Mk2, but with an improved ergonomic design, longer lasting battery and excellent internal LED illumination.

Key features of the Perkins Mk3;

  • Ergonomic design
  • Innovative LED illumination
  • 'Tonogrip' prism holder
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Tonosafe compatible
  • Clinically trusted accuracy

Building upon the extreme portability of the Perkins Mk2 tonometer, the enhanced Mk3 is comfortable to hold, well-balanced and designed specifically to examine bed-ridden, wheelchair bound, paediatric and community-based patients, who have often been difficult to assess by traditional applanation tonometry methods.

Built-in LED
The innovative built-in LED illumination produces an enhanced image of the tonometer mires, permitting use regardless of ambient lighting conditions. The LED source uses less energy and increases the operating times achieved from the integrated rechargeable battery as well as producing lower operating temperatures, giving greater comfort to both you, and your patient.

Prisms and 'Tonogrip'
Like previous Perkins and Goldmann tonometers, the Perkins Mk3 is compatible with reusable Goldmann tonometer prisms or Tonosafe disposable applanation prisms to minimise the risk of patient cross-contamination. In addition, the new easy-to-use ‘Tonogrip’ prism holder allows for straightforward placement of sterilised prisms.

The Perkins tonometer has the unique ability to provide applanation tonometry readings that correlate strongly with Goldmann tonometer. The easy-to-use, lightweight and portable design of the Perkins Mk3 makes this tonometer a confident, convenient and cost-effective measure of intraocular pressure (IOP).

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