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Reconditioned INFINITI Vision System

Reconditioned INFINITI Vision System

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Now more than ever you are seeing patients with a wider range of cataract densities, anatomical variations and higher expectations. Treating them safely and effectively

demands a more customized approach to lens removal.



Regulatory: Class I according to 93/42 EEC Medical Device Directive for EEA
Electro-Mechanical: Class i per IEC60601-1, UL2601, CSA 22-2 601-1 and JIST 0601

Console dimensions:

Height: 138 cm (63 inches)
Width: 51 cm (23 inches)
Depth: 57 cm (30 inches)

Console Weight:

Unpacked: 107 kg (235 pounds)
Packed: 150 kg (330 pounds)

Environmental limitations: operating non-operating packaged for transport


2438 meters
(8,000 feet) 
12,191 meters
(40,000 feet)  


 10º C to 35º C
(50º F to 95º F) 
  -10º C to 55º C 
(14º F to 131º F)
 -40º C to 70º C
 (-40º F to 158º F)  


10% to 95%     10% to 95%    10% to 95%


without condensation  without condensation  without condensation

Electrical requirements

Auto select to accomodate input powerof 90 VAC -264 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 
Maximum input current is 6 Amps, and maximum power consumption does not
exceed 1000 watts

Power system 

24VDC 650W AC to DC power supply; 12VDC 450W AC toDC power supply; AC input
module; 12V lead acid battery; Power distribution PCB; Host DC to DC PCB

Leakage current:     

300µA  @ 132 VAC,60Hz; 500µA @ 264 VAC, 50Hz

Protection against electric shock:  

Class I

Classification of all applied parts:   

Type BF

Data card:           

MMC (multimedia card) or SD (secure digital) 32 minimum

Touch screen and display 

 15" analog resistive touch screen, 15" TFT-LCD, 1024x768 pixels,
+12 VDC ±5%, 3 Amps maximum. Tilt +5º to -90º, spin +45º CW to -180º CCW, 
swivel ±87.5º CW & CCW
 Ultrasound driver       34 Khz to 42 Khz, 3.5 ±0.5 mils stroke

U/S Handpiece 

Resonant frequency 40KHz
Dynamic operating frequency: 35.5 kHz to 40.5 kHz
Neosonix handpiece:     Resonant frequency 36 kHz to 41 kHz
VIT cutter     50 to 800 cpm
IV pole     Travel range of 97 cm (38.19 inch), speed from 8.0 cm/s to 12.0 cm/s

Remote control 

one way wireless transmitting device. IR transmitting diodes in the range of 880 nm to 950 nm wavelength. Requires three AAA batteries

Footswitch dimensions 

Height: 12.7 cm (5.0 inches)
Width: 24.1 cm (9.5 inches)
Length: 34.9 cm (13.75 inches)

Footswitch weight: 

Stand alone: 16.5 kg (7.5 pounds)
With cable: 18.7 kg (8.5 pounds)

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