Optec FVA Functional Vision Analyzer
Optec FVA Functional Vision Analyzer
Optec FVA Functional Vision Analyzer
Optec FVA Functional Vision Analyzer

Optec FVA Functional Vision Analyzer

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FVA Functional Vision Analyzer

Ideal for pre- and post-op cataract, refractive surgery and clinical trials

  • Features

    • Will perform all of the tests needed to evaluate functional vision and more: visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, depth perception, color vision, and potential acuity.
    • Includes contrast sensitivity tests (sine wave gratings)
    • 4 lighting conditions – Day and night, with and without glare
    • Meets the FDA clinical research standards
    • Meets ANSI standards with unsurpassed homogeneous illumination
    • EyeView software provides the ability to demonstrate patients’ functional vision with real-world images.


    • New unsurpassed homogeneous illumination
    • Background luminance complies with international standards
    • All light levels microprocessor controlled and continually calibrated
    • Binocular glare testing
    • Target illumination comes standard with 3.0 cd/m2 for night testing, and 85 cd/m2 for day testing, or may be customized* to specific needs with a value range of 1.0 cd/m2 to 125 cd/m2
    • Glare luminance at distance comes standard with 1 Lux and 28 Lux for night glare testing; 10 Lux and 135 Lux for day glare testing
    • Sine Wave Gratings 5 spatial frequencies 1.5, 3, 6, 12, and 18 cycles per degree
    • Potential acuity for a quick assessment of macular function
    • Includes (F.A.C.T.®) contrast sensitivity slide package to evaluate patients’ overall functional vision

    * Note: Customized target illumination, glare levels, & test packages must be determined upon order placement.

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